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The wedding trends that will dictate weddings in 2024

wedding trends in 2024

The 2024 Wedding Trend Report by Rock My Wedding highlights several surprising trends set to dominate weddings in the coming year. Jennifer Read-Dominguez, the editor of Rock My Wedding, suggests that 2024 will be “the year of unconventional weddings and personalization.”

Natural Venues: 

Outdoor wedding venues and settings surrounded by lush greenery will be a major theme in 2024. This trend carries over from the days of Covid restrictions, with winery nuptials and beach weddings gaining popularity.

Green Decoration

While flowers have traditionally played a significant role in weddings, greenery is becoming more prominent. Couples are opting for lush greenery, including plants like eucalyptus and ferns, to create a contemporary and vibrant atmosphere.

Colourful Dresses

Brides are increasingly choosing non-traditional wedding dresses in various colors. This includes soft shades like blush or champagne, as well as bolder choices like fuchsia or royal blue, departing from the conventional white gowns.

Extreme Videography

Wedding videographers are taking wedding documentation to the next level by capturing aerial shots and drone footage, providing unique perspectives of the big day. Attention to detail and personalization are at the forefront of this trend.

Bridal Separates

Modern brides are opting for multiple wedding day looks, including outfit changes for the reception. Bridal separates are set to be a trendy choice in 2024, allowing brides to showcase different aspects of their personalities and enhance functionality.

Big Bows

Oversized bows are becoming a standout trend in bridal accessories. After two years of micro weddings, couples are embracing the “go big or go home” trend. This trend is extending into bridal accessories, where oversized bows will make a significant impact.

Short Veils

Traditional cascading, long veils are giving way to short bridal veils. These shorter veils provide a fun accessory while maintaining elegance and allowing brides to express their individual style.

Edible Favors

Couples are moving away from traditional knick-knacks as wedding favors and opting for edible favors that align with their desire for personalization. Edible favors such as personalized biscuits or locally produced items like honey or olive oil add a unique touch to the wedding experience.

The overall trend for 2024 weddings revolves around personalization, departing from traditional norms, and embracing unique elements that reflect the couple’s individual style and preferences. Couples are seeking to make their weddings stand out as a true representation of their personalities and values, moving away from generic and Instagram-ubiquitous wedding concepts.

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