Wealth Management Missteps: 5 Common mistakes the Rich make

Wealth Management: 5 Common mistakes

Navigating retirement as a high-net-worth individual might seem like smooth sailing with ample financial buffers. Yet, wealth doesn’t immunize against misjudgments. Here are five prevalent pitfalls observed among the affluent, highlighting the need for meticulous planning and open family dialogues. Inflexible Asset Allocation: The evolving financial landscape necessitates a dynamic approach to asset allocation. Wealth […]

Gen Z: Pioneers of the Side Hustle Economy

how Gen Z is popularising gig jobs

In a revealing contrast to prevailing narratives, Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2013, is carving a distinctive path in the workforce, prioritizing flexibility and innovation over traditional employment models. Despite 74% of managers reporting difficulties in working with Gen Z, and 57% of this generation showing a willingness to leave the 9-to-5 grind […]

India’s Sustainable Operations: A Growing Commitment

sustainability in India by businesses

It is no longer new for Indian businesses to adopt environmentally responsible methods as seen with the steadily growing request for sustainability assurance services. Mollshree Garg, India Managing Partner, ERM, pioneers a highly-acclaimed sustainability consultancy and offers an interesting view on the really huge growth opportunities in this sector. Throughout 2023, sustainability consulting field in […]

A Step Backwards in the C-Suite – Women’s Diminished Role in Corporate Leadership

Women leadership diminishing

In a startling revelation from S&P Global, Corporate America is experiencing a significant setback in its march towards gender equality within the C-suite. For the first time in two decades, women are not only getting stalled in their ascent to top corporate positions but are actually losing ground. This regression is juxtaposed with an uptick […]

Warren Buffett’s investment wisdom for us, Gen Z, in the age of information overload

Warren Buffet advice for Gen Z

Warren Buffett, a seasoned investor with unparalleled success, offers valuable insights for Gen Zers entering the investing world. Despite the allure of cutting-edge strategies, Buffett emphasizes timeless principles for wealth accumulation. What does Warren Buffet advice? Buffett acknowledges the evolution of stock markets, noting their shift towards casino-like behavior. This transformation, he attributes in part […]

Outcry Over Age Discrimination in Chinese Job Advertisement

Age discrimination in Chinese job market

Whats the issue? A recent job ad has created news in China. This recent ad was posted by a Chinese grocery store to hire cashiers aged between 18 to 30 years. This led to a major outcry on the social media platforms due to the age discrimination that is rampant within the country’s job market. […]

Mastering Emotional Intelligence for Job Interview Success

Emotional intelligence and Interview success tips

A lot of times, during job interviews, candidates pass through a very tough process of their CV’s check. However what often goes unnoticed is their emotional intelligence (EI) which is a critical competency. This unique set of skills translates into empathy, adaptability, and collaboration. They are sought after by employers who not only understand but […]

Millennials and Gen Z: Reshaping the Indian Insurance Industry

insurance industry for millenials and Gen Z

In the evolving landscape of the Indian life insurance sector, a significant shift towards personalization and technology-driven solutions is underway to meet the unique demands of Millennials and Generation Z. With these younger generations poised to constitute half of India’s population by 2030, the industry is moving away from the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach, embracing more […]