Google introduces free Dark Web monitoring for all users

free dark web monitoring

As massive data breaches increase, the ability to contain the leaking of personal data in the deep web declines. To assist with this, Google has announced that consumer account holders will be able to get free dark web monitoring beginning at the end of this month. This new service will notify a user each time […]

Paris 2024 Olympics poised to achieve historic gender equality

gender equality in Paris Olympics 2024

For the first time in Olympic history, the gender split is envisaged to be split evenly. The upcoming Paris Olympics is presumably the most gender balanced with 10,500 athletes expected to attend, out of them 5,250 are men and 5250 are women. It’s a great achievement! To attain this stellar feat, it is even more […]

Hypergamy: The newest dating trend embracing luxury and emotional depth

trend of Hypergamy

A recent survey conducted by Talker Research and commissioned by the luxury dating site sheds light on the growing trend of “hypergamy” in the US dating scene. What is hypergamy? Hypergamy refers to the practice of seeking partners of higher socioeconomic status to enhance one’s quality of life. While initially unfamiliar to 43% of […]

TRAI launches Chakshu portal to combat rising online scams

TRAI launches Chakshu portal

With more people getting hooked to the internet, incidents of frauds are on the rise and the fraudsters are now calling many times almost at random with the ghastly motive of conning people for money. In a bid to tackle this issue, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has come up with a new […]

Understanding generational differences: Key to effective HR management

HR dept's handling of Gen Z employment

HR professionals must grasp both the similarities and differences between generations to function effectively in today’s workplace. Alan Cabelly, SHRM-SCP, emphasized this during his presentation at the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2024 in Chicago. Cabelly, a Baby Boomer, highlighted three main differences between Generation Z and preceding generations: the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon, and technology, […]

Air Kerala set to launch in 2025!

Air Kerala launch

Air Kerala, a new airline conceived to fulfill the travel needs of the vast Malayali diaspora, has moved closer to reality with the Ministry of Civil Aviation granting a No Objection Certificate (NOC). This airline is the brainchild of two Dubai-based businessmen, aiming to facilitate easier travel to and from Kerala, especially for the numerous […]

8 Fruits that help detoxify body, increase metabolism and lose weight

fruits to detoxify body and lose weight

Fruits for detoxification are completely helpful in improving the body’s capability of flushing out toxins, increasing metabolism and shedding some extra pounds. According to Dietitian Paula Doebrich and Dr. Kubanych, here are eight fruits that can help you detox, improve metabolic rates, and aid in weight management. 1. PapayaPapaya is endowed with fiber and papain […]

7 subtle signs of superior intelligence: Are you smarter than you think?

signs of intelligence and smartness

Everyone wants to be smart, and many of us actively work to improve our intellect through reading, watching TED talks, and engaging with brilliant minds. But how do you know if your efforts are paying off? Sometimes, high intelligence can go unnoticed, even by ourselves. Here are seven subtle signs that you might possess superior […]

Gen Z’s impact on the workforce: Are we changing it all?

Gen Z's impact on workforce values

Generation Z, despite their brief tenure in the workforce, has significantly influenced workplace dynamics. Prioritizing work-life balance, they have pioneered trends such as “quiet quitting,” “bare minimum Mondays,” and “lazy girl jobs,” which reflect a departure from traditional hustle culture. While many view this shift positively, it has also fostered certain negative habits among Gen […]

Radhika Gupta’s investment advice: Emphasize ‘Dal-Chawal’ funds

investment advice by Radhika Gupta

Edelweiss MD and CEO Radhika Gupta recently took to social media to provide guidance on safe mutual fund investments. In a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), Gupta advised followers to ensure that “80 percent” of their investment portfolios consist of what she terms “dal-chawal funds.” Gupta shared an example of an investor with […]