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8 Fun foods that can spice up your Intimate Mehndi Ceremony

Foods that can spice up mehendi ceremony

The Wedding Season is upon us, let’s make it exciting

The days of traditional red and gold weddings and basic mehndi function menus with Aloo Tikki and Papdi Chaat are long gone. It’s time for brides to embrace their quirky and millennial side, especially when it comes to the food menu for the most fun function of their wedding saga—the mehndi madness. While all the wedding functions have their own charm, the mehndi day promises the most enjoyment with its unique mehndi outfits and mouthwatering food.

Without a doubt, your wedding guests will eagerly anticipate the excitement of your mehndi function. After all, it’s a day filled with dancing, singing, and delicious food amidst all the fun. However, it’s time to upgrade from the usual aloo chaat and papdi. To add spice to your mehndi ceremony with delectable cuisines, we have curated the best food menu that will be a finger-licking treat for your guests!
The mehndi ceremony’s food menu should allow everyone with henna-painted hands to enjoy the food without getting messy. It should maintain the quirkiness and theme of the event. So, before you stress about what food to include, we have compiled a list of must-have dishes for your intimate mehndi ceremony that will taste scrumptious without breaking the bank.

1. Smoothie Bar: Since mehndi functions usually take place in the morning and extend until early evening, it’s important to have a juice or smoothie bar, especially during summers. Guests will appreciate a fresh juice or smoothie to rejuvenate themselves after all the dancing.

2. Burger Sliders: Who can resist these cute and bite-sized burgers? They taste just like their larger counterparts but are easy to eat without making a mess. Moreover, they are perfect for keeping the little kids on your guest list happily occupied.

3. Jalapeno Cheese Poppers: The combination of cheese and jalapenos is irresistible. These poppers are not only delicious but also pair well with cocktails and soft drinks. They are filling and can be easily picked up with a fork.

4. Chuski Station: Forget fancy ice creams; we Indians love our chuskis (flavored ice lollies) more than anything. Offering colorful and refreshing baraf ka gola (ice lollies) will make your guests feel relaxed and happy, especially on a hot summer afternoon. If you’re planning a summer intimate wedding, this addition to the food menu will be a hit.

5. Fresh Fruits: Catering to health-conscious guests is important. A refreshing fruit salad or fruit chaat will be a great way to kick-start the celebrations for them.

6. Fries in a Jar: Mason jars instantly make anything cute and efficient. When it comes to serving fries in jars, there’s no need to say more. Both kids and adults will love this addition to the menu. You can even offer cheesy and loaded fries, a favorite of many.

7. Deconstructed Nachos Corn Chaat: While you may not have seen nachos corn chaat served at a mehndi function before, trust us on this one. By presenting it in a cup as deconstructed nachos chaat, it becomes less messy to eat. You’ll thank us later for this brilliant idea!

8. Dry Chinese Snacks: Desi Chinese snacks are a crowd favorite, and no mehndi function is complete without a cart full of dry Manchurian, chili paneer, and honey chili potatoes. These simple and tasty snacks are easy to eat and a staple at such events.

Gone are the days of mundane mehndi function menus. Embrace the new era of creativity and culinary delights to make your mehndi ceremony an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

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