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Pinterest Predicts Top 3 Gen Z Beauty Trends of 2024

Gen Z beauty trends for 2024

Pinterest, with its extensive user base of 482 million people, serves as a global trendsetter, providing insights into emerging trends before they hit the mainstream. The “Pinterest Predicts” 2024 report sheds light on the beauty and fashion trends that will likely dominate the coming year, revealing a shift toward personalization and luxury among the younger generation.

Blue Beauty Resurgence

A notable trend for 2024 is the revival of “Blue Beauty,” with aquamarine makeup making a bold comeback, particularly among Gen Z and Millennials. Pinterest predicts increased searches for terms like ‘blue glam make-up‘ and ‘pastel blue eyeshadow’ as these generations seek to incorporate this 60s staple into their modern beauty routines. The trend is evident in rising searches for blue eyeshadow, fun blue nails, light blue prom makeup, aqua makeup looks, and blue quince makeup. This resurgence signifies a move towards more vibrant and expressive makeup choices, blending nostalgia with contemporary style.

Head to Glow Body Care

The “Head to Glow” trend emphasizes a heightened focus on body care in 2024, with both Boomers and Gen Z expected to invest heavily in luxury lotions and in-home spa experiences. Pinterest predicts a major moment for body care, with increased interest in sunscreen, body moisturizer aesthetic, spa aesthetic, body skincare routines, and overall body care. This trend underscores a growing consumer emphasis on holistic beauty and wellness, extending beyond facial skincare to encompass care for the entire body.

Make It Big Accessories

The “Make It Big” trend signals a shift towards larger-than-life beauty and fashion accessories, with Millennials and Gen Z embracing styles that complement their ‘fluffy hair’ aesthetic and sculptural jewelry. Pinterest anticipates that beauty and baubles will get bigger, bolder, and bouncier in 2024, with oversized opulence taking center stage. This trend is reflected in the rising popularity of chunky hoops, big braids hairstyles, wavy perms for men, sculptural jewelry, and big buns. It highlights a preference for bold, statement-making pieces that reflect individuality and confidence.

As these three trends gain momentum, they are set to reshape the beauty and fashion landscape in 2024, reflecting the evolving tastes and priorities of the younger generation.

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