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The New Holiday Trend – Solo Trips for Millennials and Gen Z

The New Holiday Trend - Solo Trips for Millennials and Gen Z

Deck the Halls with Solo Escapes! Move over family gatherings, Millennials, and Zoomers are jetting off on solo adventures this holiday season. Dive into personal wellness with a break from society’s chaos. American Express spills the tea on this epic trend—because who needs mistletoe when you’ve got a passport?

Focus on Mental Health

Morning Consult highlights that Millennials, in particular, are leading the travel charge, focusing on trips that contribute to improved mental health. The holiday season is witnessing an extension of these trips, as individuals seek longer breaks from the routine.

Shifting Holiday Traditions

An Apple Vacations survey reveals a significant shift in holiday preferences, with 55% of Americans opting for leisure vacations this season. Surprisingly, 45% of participants expressed a preference for solo trips over traditional holiday celebrations. The sentiment reflects a broader shift from physical gift-giving to experiential journeys, as noted by Henry Perez from Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts.

Holiday Travel Surge

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg forecasts the busiest Thanksgiving travel ever, with the TSA expecting a record 30 million passengers screened from Nov 17 to Nov 28. Driving dominates, as AAA predicts 49.1 million Americans hitting the road, a 1.7% increase. Fortunately, amidst global tensions, gas prices are projected to dip, offering a welcome relief for drivers.

The Experience Economy

The evolving holiday landscape signifies a broader cultural shift, with people valuing experiences over material gifts. Whether it’s a family reunion or a beach getaway with no responsibilities, individuals are choosing to create lasting memories during the holiday season.


Eager for a travel-packed holiday, our world is buzzing with the vibe of self-care and epic moments. It’s not just about the usual celebrations; we’re talking about personal bliss and unforgettable experiences. This is the generation rewriting the holiday script, craving joy that goes way beyond the ordinary festivities.

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