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The Gen Z Copper Hair Trend That’s Breaking All the Rules

The Gen Z Copper Hair Trend That's Breaking All the Rules

Are you scrolling through Instagram and getting lost in stunning hair colors? Same here. The buzz around the trending copper shade is irresistible, especially with celebs like Lily James and Kendall Jenner rocking fiery locks. But, before you take the plunge into copper vibes, let’s spill the tea on all you need to know—from choosing your perfect shade to post-salon TLC.

Choosing the Right Copper Shade

So, you’ve decided to paint the town copper. Hold up – it’s not just about scrolling through Insta pics. Jack Howard, colorist extraordinaire, spills on expectations, commitment, and your unique skin tone. The magic happens when you find that sweet spot that complements your eyes and skin. Get ready to leave the salon bursting with excitement.

Getting That Fiery Hue

Wondering if you’ll rock copper like a boss? According to Howard, it’s a resounding yes, but the process varies. You’re in for a smoother ride if your locks are untouched (virgin hair). For those with a hair history, buckle up for a consultation with your colorist. The journey depends on how far you want to stray from your natural color.

Copper Playbook: Tiptoe or Cannonball In?

Dipping your toe into the copper trend? No worries—start small with subtle slivers or an all-over glaze, Howard’s go-to for a taste without the full plunge. But keeping that copper glow on point demands commitment. Regular salon visits and root touch-ups are non-negotiable unless you opt for a low-maintenance soft copper glaze. Elevate your hair game with top-notch care: color-safe shampoo, conditioner, and a weekly mask. Because maintaining those fiery copper vibes is an art, and you’re the artist.


Ready to unleash your inner flame with copper hair? From choosing your shade to post-dye pampering, this Gen Z guide has you covered. Embrace the fiery trend, and get ready to set the town ablaze with your copper crown!

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