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Fed Up at Work? Join the ‘Great Gloom’ Crew—You’re Not Alone!

Fed Up at Work? Join the 'Great Gloom' Crew—You're Not Alone!

Out with the Great Resignation, in with the “Great Gloom”! Brace for impact as a BambooHR report spills the tea on a joy decline since 2020. CEO Jenn Lim unravels the mystery—employees in a funk due to a purpose crisis. The bill? A whopping $8.8 trillion! Ready for the scoop on beating the blues?

Unpacking the Gloom: From Highs to Lows to Resignation

Lim delves into the employee psyche, noting the transition from the “highs and lows” of roles to a state of “resignation and apathy.” The crux lies not in a lack of motivation but in the void between the individual and the organization’s purpose. The result? A sea of disenchanted workers lacking a sense of purpose, unable to align their values with their work.

The Cost of Disconnect: $8.8 Trillion and Counting

Disengaged teams incur a staggering $8.8 trillion annual cost on the global economy. Lim emphasizes the personal toll, as workers navigate a sense of purposelessness, floating in stagnant waters. The remedy, she suggests, lies in understanding what a fulfilling life looks like and breaking free from the shackles of stagnation.

Reigniting Engagement: Dialogue and Purpose

To combat the Great Gloom, leadership professor Amy Edmonson and author Kim Scott advocate for healthy workplaces built on open dialogue. Genuine feedback, coupled with honest and caring criticism and praise, creates a safe space. Lim reinforces the importance of reconnecting teams with purposeful work, emphasizing individual contributions that align with the organization’s mission.

From Gloom to Boom: Reclaiming Workplace Joy

Banish the Great Gloom blues by unleashing the power of workplace joy! Managers, it’s time to turn up the vibe with open communication, where feedback is king. Illuminate the path to purpose, let individual contributions sparkle, and watch the workplace script flip from gloom to gleam. The Great Gloom’s got nothing on us!

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