Smoky Eye? Snooze! Here’s How to Slay Your Eye Makeup in 2024

eye makeup trends in 2024

Remember those endless YouTube tutorials back in the day teaching us how to do the perfect smoky eye? Yeah, those were good times. But guess what? Our makeup bags are due for an upgrade because according to Gen Z, heavy eyeshadow is officially out. So Long Smokey Eye Move over complicated eyeshadow looks! It’s all […]

OMG! Did We Just Catch Aliens Texting Us?

Did We Just Catch Aliens Texting Us?

Buckle up, space cadets! Scientists just dropped a MAJOR bomb that might answer the question we’ve ALL been asking forever: are we the only weirdos in this giant universe?  A brainiac undergrad named Peter Ma (seriously, this kid’s a legend!) built a killer algorithm that can sift through telescope data like a cosmic detective. It […]