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Gen Z Workers: What They Value and How to Meet Their Needs

Gen Z Workers: What They Value and How to Meet Their Needs

Gen Z is taking over the office, and it’s going to be wild!

Gen Z is entering the workforce in droves, and they’re bringing new ideas and expectations with them. By 2030, 30% of the global workforce would comprise the Gen-Z population. Companies that want to attract and retain Gen Z talent need to be prepared for a dramatic shift in how we work.

The job-hopping generation

Gen Z workers are more likely to job hop than any other generation. In fact, LinkedIn data shows that in the U.S., Gen Z workers are already quitting and changing jobs 40% more than last year.

Why are Gen Z workers so quick to jump ship? There are a few reasons.

First, Gen Z workers are more likely to prioritize flexibility and work-life balance. They want to be able to work remotely, set their own hours, and take time off when they need it.

Second, Gen Z workers are more likely to value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). They want to work for companies that are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome and respected.

Finally, Gen Z workers are more likely to be motivated by money. They want to be paid what they’re worth, and they’re not afraid to leave a job if they’re not getting paid fairly.

Flexibility is key

Having flexibility in work arrangements and roles is one of the most attractive benefits for employees during the Great Resignation, and it’s especially important for Gen Z workers.

A LinkedIn survey from January 2022 found that a majority of Gen Z employees (72%) claim to have left or consider leaving their job due to an inflexible work policy.

In addition to flexibility in work arrangements, Gen Z workers also want flexibility in their roles. They want to be able to learn and grow within their company, and they don’t want to be limited to just one specific job function.

This is a new way of thinking about work, and it could potentially destabilize the nature of work as we know it. But it’s also an opportunity for companies to create a more innovative and productive workplace.

Mission matters to Gen Z

Pay is not the only factor Gen Z considers when looking for a job. Mission alignment is important to Gen Z workers, but pay is also a top priority. According to a LinkedIn survey, roughly 80% of Gen Zers want to work for an employer that aligns with their beliefs, but diversity, equity, and inclusion are also important to 78% of job seekers.

While Gen Z workers may be more vocal about their needs, they are not asking for anything unreasonable. They want to be paid what they are worth, work for a company that aligns with their values, and have a good culture fit.

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