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Coping with Climate Anxiety: Navigating Worries in a Changing World


Gazing at a raging California forest inferno or watching a glacier spectacularly crumble via your screen can send icy shivers. Climate change, a perpetual peril, looms, adding stress. Your cart brims with eternal single-use plastics, guilt-inducing. A quick drive turns a mind battle, with the future’s fate heavy on your mind.

What's Climate Anxiety?

Climate anxiety, or eco-anxiety, isn’t a mental illness; it’s the unease stemming from the uncertainty surrounding climate change. The apprehension is a natural response to the genuine peril our changing climate poses. This anxiety often brings along grief, anger, guilt, and shame, casting a shadow over our emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Feeling Alone in a Crowded Concern

You’re not alone in this emotional whirlwind. Over two-thirds of Americans share climate anxiety, per the American Psychological Association. And it hits youth harder – 84% of those 16 to 25 are seriously concerned, according to The Lancet. They’ll face the brunt of it. UNICEF warns one billion kids are at “extremely high risk.” The worry is genuine.

The Impact on Mental Well-being

Climate change’s mental toll is more than existential worry. Extreme weather and heat escalate mental health issues. Displacement, migration, and food scarcity worsen strain. Rising temperatures spike psychiatric visits, studies show. Food shortage fuels depression and anxiety. The impact is real and profound.

Taking Charge: Managing Climate Anxiety

While climate anxiety thrives on uncertainty, the balm lies in action. On a personal scale, confiding in friends, therapists, or support groups offers solace. Align your lifestyle with your values – whether it’s cutting down on flights, raising awareness, or advocating change. The Good Grief Network is a haven for processing emotions and fostering impactful action.

Empowering the Young: Allies for Climate-Anxious Youth

The weight of climate anxiety disproportionately burdens the young. Allies can lend a hand by validating concerns, channeling their efforts towards advocacy, learning eco-conscious ways, supporting lifestyle changes, and connecting with nature.

Charting a Path Forward: The Power of Action

Embrace climate anxiety’s uncertainty with empowering action. Unite, converse, and mold your life around your values. Together, we convert anxiety into a crusade for change, cultivating hope amid challenges. The path to progress starts within you – act now, for a greener world tomorrow.

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