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Alcohol and Sleep: The Truth of Consecutive Pre-Sleep Revelries!

Alcohol & Sleeps: The Truth About Consecutive Pre-Sleep Revelries!

Ever wondered about the impact of that pre-sleep drink on your nightly slumber? Well, buckle up, because recent research has spilled the beans on how alcohol before bedtime might be shaking up our sleep architecture.

The Nightcap Experiment:

In a cool study involving thirty adults, scientists dived into the world of sleep after pre-sleep alcohol. The participants experienced two sets of three consecutive nights, each with a different bedtime beverage: one with just a mixer, and the other with a mixer plus alcohol aiming for a specific level in the bloodstream.

Slow-Wave Symphony:

The findings revealed that alcohol isn’t just a mere sleep inducer; it’s a conductor of the sleep orchestra. Across all three nights, the rate of slow-wave-sleep (SWS) went up after a sip of the good stuff. That’s the deep, restorative sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed.

REM Dance Disrupted:

But, hold on, there’s a twist. Alcohol threw a curveball at the rapid eye movement (REM) stage – the dreamy part of sleep. It didn’t just decrease the total amount of REM sleep but also put the brakes on its usual speedy start at the beginning of the night.

Balancing Act:

Interestingly, while alcohol was a bit of a party pooper for REM sleep, it didn’t mess with the total amount of SWS each night. So, it’s like a delicate dance, with alcohol influencing the rhythm of different sleep stages.

The Sleep Aid Dilemma:

The study flags a concern – using alcohol as a sleep aid might not be as dreamy as it seems. Sure, it helps you doze off quicker, but at the cost of disrupting your sleep architecture, especially that precious REM sleep.


So, Gen Z, next time you consider a nightcap, think twice. It might not be the perfect lullaby for your sleep quality after all. Sweet dreams without the spirits might just be the trend to follow!

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