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Sleep Takes the Lead: Surprising Priority for Travelers in 2024

Sleep picks up as a travelling trend in 2024

What the report says

According to Hilton’s 2024 Trends Report, a great night’s sleep has emerged as the top priority for travelers gearing up for vacations in the coming year. The report, based on interviews with 10,000 people across nine countries, revealed that 55% of Gen Z travelers, 60% of Millennials, 68% of Gen X’ers, and 67% of Baby Boomers all expressed their anticipation for travel centered around rest, rejuvenation, and undisturbed sleep.

This shift in traveler priorities suggests a growing emphasis on hotel amenities, pre-bedtime routines, and essential comforts such as quality pillows, background music, or white noise machines that contribute to an ideal sleep environment. The findings indicate that whether opting for resorts (preferred by 60% of respondents) or exploring new cities (the choice for the remaining 40%), travelers are willing to invest in opportunities for genuine relaxation.

While the report might appear surprising given the traditional association of travel with exploration, the underlying logic is clear: quality rest enhances the ability to fully engage in and enjoy travel experiences. Hilton’s 2024 Trend Report emphasizes the intrinsic connection between a good night’s sleep and the overall travel satisfaction.

The pre-sleep routine

For those who struggle with sleep, especially in unfamiliar environments like hotel rooms, the report offers practical tips. Planning ahead by selecting a room away from busy streets, on a higher floor, and away from elevators helps minimize unnecessary noise. Additionally, creating a familiar atmosphere in the hotel room through curtain adjustments, scented sprays, thermostat control, and background noise or music can contribute to a more restful experience.

Maintaining a consistent pre-sleep routine, whether it involves washing the face, reading, or light stretching, is encouraged to aid in adaptation. Avoiding alcohol before bedtime and reducing screen time are also recommended strategies to support better sleep patterns, acknowledging their disruptive effects regardless of the sleep location. In essence, the report not only highlights the evolving priorities of travelers but also provides practical insights for ensuring a restful and rejuvenating travel experience in 2024.

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