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25% of Gen Z adults actively avoid phone calls

Gen Z say NO to phone calls

A recent study has shed light on the communication habits of Generation Z adults. Astonishingly, a quarter of Gen Z individuals actively avoid phone calls, with a staggering six out of ten even ignoring calls from their own parents. A third of them deem phone calls ‘awkward,’ and 24 percent would never initiate a spontaneous call to someone. Instead, 36 percent of Gen Zers reserve their phone calls for organizing gatherings with friends.

The numbers please!

Conducted by Sky Mobile, the survey polled 1,000 adults aged 18-25. Surprisingly, 73 percent of these young adults prefer to catch up via messaging platforms like WhatsApp, iMessage, or Snapchat, eschewing traditional voice calls. However, their aversion to phone calls extends to group chats, with 41 percent admitting to muting group chats that include their parents.

Sky Mobile, in collaboration with TV personality Jeff Brazier, has explored the best ways for parents to contact their Gen Z children, especially as millions of students embark on their university journeys. A separate poll involving 1,000 parents with children aged 13 to 25 revealed that 71 percent of parents consider talking on the phone the best way to stay in touch. Six in ten parents believe the younger generation is apprehensive about answering calls, compared to previous generations. Furthermore, 64 percent of parents disclosed that they primarily communicate with their children through WhatsApp and text messages.

The generation gap

The research also delved into the world of messaging, with 41 percent of Gen Z respondents mentioning that their parents often reply with a simple ‘ok’ to most messages. Additionally, 30 percent have experienced an influx of ‘x’s at the end of messages from their parents. A humorous aspect arises from the generational gap, as 35 percent of Gen Z respondents find it amusing when their parents struggle to understand emojis, with 27 percent thinking their parents are oblivious to the meanings of the emojis they send.

The study further revealed that 38 percent of Gen Z individuals seldom use emojis, and when they do, they tend to stick to familiar ones. For 40 percent of parents, deciphering the meaning of emojis feels akin to learning a new language. Communication challenges extend to language itself, as 28 percent of parents have had to resort to Google to decipher messages from their children. Additionally, 24 percent suspect that their children are intentionally perplexing them with slang terms like ‘slay,’ ‘peng,’ and ‘roadman.’

Despite these communication difficulties, the study found that two-thirds of parents are currently covering the expenses for their teen or Gen Z children’s phone contracts. This is driven by the desire to ensure easy contact, with 59 percent of parents taking on the financial responsibility to support their children.

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