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How Gen Z is changing the way we communicate at work

How Gen Z communicates at work

In the ever-evolving landscape of work culture, Gen Z employees are making waves like never before. They’re shaking things up, and the workplace is evolving alongside them. According to a recent survey by Barclays LifeSkills, a cool project from Barclays Bank, a staggering 71% of UK workers believe that the younger generation is rewriting the rulebook when it comes to formal workplace language.

The survey, dropped on us like a fresh beat on September 12, and it’s got some eye-opening insights. It suggests that those old-school phrases like “Yours truly,” “Yours sincerely,” and “To whom it may concern” might be cruising towards extinction in the workplace within the next decade. Can you believe it?

But hold up, not everyone’s onboard with the new linguistic vibe. Some folks aren’t quite grooving to it. While “Ta!” has become a mainstream sign-off, a chunk of the crowd (29%, to be precise) finds it a tad too chill for their liking. And then there’s “Hiya!”—it’s got people feeling all sorts of ways. A whopping 42% find it friendly, 36% think it’s just casual, and 26% reckon it’s a bit too much of a buddy-buddy thing. It’s like the workplace lingo is throwing a party, and not everyone got the memo.

Why the shift?

Now, what’s behind this shift from all formal and stuffy to super casual and easygoing language? Well, you can thank those handy online messaging apps, especially when you’re working from your cozy home. Apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat have opened up a whole new world of expression, with emoji and GIFs giving everyone a chance to shine with their uniqueness. Gen Z seems to be crushing it here, as they’re almost double as likely as the older folks (55 and above) to use these instant messaging services. The old-timers are still sticking to email because they think it’s all professional and stuff.

But here’s the kicker—40% of Gen Z peeps say that email just cramps their style. They believe it’s a buzzkill when it comes to self-expression. Kirstie Mackey, the director of the Barclays LifeSkills squad, is all about these changes. She says, “Our research shows that the next generation is making their mark on how we communicate at work.” She’s digging the more personal touch but also thinks we should keep a bit of that workplace etiquette in check. Striking the right balance, peeps!

Let’s be real, Gen Z is making more than a linguistic mark in the workplace. They’re all about transparency when it comes to their moolah, and they’ve got their own swag when it comes to office fashion. They’re like the DJs of the workplace, remixing the old tunes into something fresh.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. A recent poll dropped some truth bombs on us. It can take up to two weeks for these young guns to feel confident in a new job. And get this—they spend eight days before the new gig worrying about fitting in with the squad or figuring out what the heck they’re supposed to do. That’s some real talk right there. Also, when Gen Z’s starting a new job or apprenticeship, where do they turn for guidance? You guessed it—social media’s their jam. TikTok’s their go-to guru. It’s like their workplace oracle, dishing out advice and insights with a sprinkle of fun. So, if you’re looking to vibe with Gen Z at work, make sure you’re speaking their language—both literally and digitally!

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