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Work Trends: ‘Lazy Girl Jobs’ and Chilled Mondays Take Over!

2024 Work Trends: 'Lazy Girl Jobs' and Chilled Mondays Take Over!

Stepping into 2024, a work revolution is underway, spearheaded by the cool Gen Z and millennials. Check out the vibe on social media with trends like “lazy girl jobs” and “bare minimum Mondays.” Say goodbye to old-school work norms – it’s a whole new era!

Adapting to the Changing Work Landscape

On “Fox & Friends,” Ramsey Solutions host Ken Coleman sheds light on how parents, managers, and employers can navigate this evolving mentality. Coleman emphasizes the need for mentorship and coaching, stating that the younger workforce requires more guidance in their day-to-day roles than previous generations.

The Blame Game: Parents and Work Ethic

Coleman doesn’t shy away from pointing out that parents share some responsibility for the perceived lack of work ethic among their children. He underscores the importance of instilling a strong work ethic from a young age.

The Four-Day Work Week: A Reality on the Horizon

Discussing potential solutions, Coleman mentions a four-day workweek as a possibility shortly. Citing a study from London, England, he notes that productivity remains stable even with fewer workdays. However, he acknowledges the complexity of implementing such a change, highlighting the need for industry-specific adaptations.

TikTok Trends vs. Realities

While social media platforms, especially TikTok, showcase these trends, Coleman emphasizes that they don’t represent the entire Gen Z or millennial population. Many individuals from these generations continue to work hard, striving to achieve their career goals.

Redefining Success

Considering the relentless work culture witnessed by younger generations in the past, Coleman empathizes with their desire for a different lifestyle. It’s not a rejection of hard work but a reevaluation of what success means in the modern world.


Get ready for a workplace shake-up! The cool young guns are leading the charge in 2024’s work scene. Employers and parents, hop on the vibe – mentor up, think outside the box, and maybe, just maybe, embrace the game-changing four-day workweek!

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