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WhatsApp Privacy Twist: Supreme Court’s Gen Z Alert!

WhatsApp's Privacy Twist: Supreme Court's Gen Z Alert!

Listen up, Gen Z! The Supreme Court of India just dropped a bombshell for WhatsApp buffs, especially those rocking prepaid mobiles and thinking of a number change. This isn’t just any ruling; it’s a game-changer, and it’s got the whole WhatsApp world buzzing.

Reassigned Mobile Numbers and Data Privacy

The Supreme Court of India has made it clear that mobile service providers such as Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone Idea can reassign deactivated mobile numbers to new subscribers after a specific time period. 

In light of this, it’s crucial for WhatsApp users to prioritize data privacy when switching phone numbers, meaning they should promptly delete data associated with their old phone number to prevent potential privacy breaches.

Why the Petition Got Dismissed

Advocate Rajeshwari’s plea for Trai to ban reassigning deactivated mobile numbers hit a roadblock. The bench, steered by Justices Sanjiv Khanna and SVN Bhatti, dropped the truth bomb – your privacy is your own job. To shield your secrets, delete that old WhatsApp account and wipe data from every nook and cranny!

Guidelines Set by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT)

The court’s decision is in line with the guidelines set by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in April 2017. According to these guidelines, a mobile number that has been deactivated due to non-usage or disconnection at the subscriber’s request should not be reassigned to a new subscriber for at least 90 days. This policy allows the previous subscriber time to protect their privacy before the number is given to someone else.

In a Nutshell

When it comes to changing your mobile number, caution is your best friend. The Supreme Court’s decision aligns with today’s fast-paced tech world. Your WhatsApp chats, photos, and messages are your digital soul – guard them fiercely. Don’t let your old number slip into the wrong hands. Stay sharp, stay safe!

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