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A Couple’s 17-Minute Wedding Breaks the Mold!

Quick 'n' Quirky: Couple's 17-Minute Wedding Breaks the Mold!

In a world where weddings are often extravagant affairs, one couple decided to break the mold. Manish Das and Garima Dasi tied the knot in a humble ceremony in Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh, lasting just 17 minutes.

No Frills, No Dowry: A Refreshing Change

For this couple, tradition took a back seat. The ceremony skipped lavish rituals like haldi, baraat, and varmaala, opting instead for simplicity and sincerity. Most notably, dowry had no place in their union, setting a powerful example for others.

Austerity Advocates: Making a Statement

Both Manish and Garima emphasized the importance of modesty in marriage celebrations. They believe that true decency lies not in grandeur, but in the love and commitment shared between two people.

Community Values: Breaking Caste Barriers

The families are followers of Swami Rampal and are kabirpanthis, aiming to end casteism and the dowry system. In their 17-minute ceremony, the recital of Ramaini invokes blessings from 33 crore deities, symbolizing unity and harmony.

A Pandemic-Inspired Union: Adapting to Change

Amidst the challenges of COVID-19, the couple’s decision to keep their wedding short and sweet reflects a desire for safety and simplicity. Following the guidance of their guru, they embraced a ceremony that focused on love rather than extravagance.

Equality and Acceptance: A Community's Commitment

In this community, all followers are treated equally, regardless of their background. By gifting the couple with Saint Rampal’s book and holding a photo session, they celebrated their union without prejudice or discrimination.

A Hopeful Future: Redefining Marriage

In a world where weddings are often overshadowed by societal pressures and materialism, Manish and Garima’s marriage stands as a beacon of hope. Their simple yet meaningful wedding ceremony serves as a reminder that love knows no bounds, and that true happiness lies in the moments shared between two souls.

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