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Mother of All Breaches Exposes 26 Billion Records


A huge database called the “Mother of All Breaches” (MOAB), has just been found by cyber experts. This isn’t your usual data leak; we’re talking about 26 billion records from cool sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Weibo, and more.

Online Guardian Angels:

Cyber superhero Bob Diachenko joined forces with the CyberNews squad to find this digital treasure. Picture this – 12TB of data across 3,800 folders, each with secrets from different data breaches. It’s like the Avengers of data leaks!

Who's in the Lead:

Tencent is the star with a massive 1.5 billion records, followed by Weibo (504 million), MySpace (360 million), and Twitter/X (281 million). Yes, MySpace – a blast from the past! But here’s the twist: these records are like time capsules, showing people still use ancient email and password combos.

Beware of Chaos and Government Secrets

Why care? Hackers armed with the “Mother of All Breaches” data could wreak havoc – from identity theft to fancy scams, they’ve got an all-access pass to chaos. Hold tight, as the database also spilled government secrets, even in the good ol’ US of A. It’s more than a bit unsettling.

What's the Big Deal:

MOAB is the Godzilla of data breaches, but many records are from old leaks. Still, don’t let your guard down; expect more hacking attempts in the coming weeks. It’s like the internet’s wild, wild west out there.

Last Week's Surprise:

Just when we thought it couldn’t get crazier, Troy Hunt, the genius behind Have I Been Pwned, found a data dump with 71 million unique credentials and 25 million never-seen-before passwords. Some of these might just be hanging out in MOAB too.


Suit Up, and Power Up those Passwords, and Ride the Cyber Wave! The online realm just hit turbo mode – more fascinating, a tad spookier. Stay sharp, stay savvy, and let’s conquer the digital adventure together!

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