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Data at Risk: The Secret Security Gap in ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter

Data at Risk: The Secret Security Gap in ChatGPT's Code Interpreter

ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter for Python has hit the spotlight, revealing an unexpected twist—a potential security loophole! Imagine external web pages directing ChatGPT to sneakily grab your data. A privacy risk in the AI realm—let’s dive into this digital mystery.

The Exploit

Security researcher Johann Rehberger discovered that by pasting a third-party URL into ChatGPT, the bot could interpret instructions on the web page the same way it processes user commands. The injected prompt instructed ChatGPT to transmit files’ data to a malicious site, potentially compromising sensitive information.

Vulnerability Unveiled

ChatGPT’s sandboxed environment, intended for secure code interpretation and data analysis, unexpectedly faced vulnerability to prompt injection attacks. The Proof of Concept illustrated the risk—creating a file, uploading it, and injecting a prompt-enabled data transmission to an external server. This exposé underscores the potential threats users face, urging the need for prompt rectification and reinforced security measures.

Variations of the Attack

Repeated attempts demonstrated inconsistencies in ChatGPT’s response to prompt injections. While the attack succeeded in several instances, there were sessions where ChatGPT refused to load external web pages or provided hyperlinks instead of direct data transmission.

User Impact and Call for Action

This vulnerability extends beyond code testing, posing a threat to data uploaded for analysis, including spreadsheets. Users are urged to exercise caution when pasting URLs to avoid potential data exposure from seemingly harmless pages. Addressing these concerns is critical for data privacy, requiring OpenAI’s swift rectification to ensure a secure ChatGPT experience amid its rising popularity and new feature integration.


ChatGPT’s recent security twist reminds us to stay savvy in the ever-evolving AI world. Don’t be fooled—when pasting URLs, keep your digital radar on! OpenAI’s got homework: Swift fixes to keep our virtual playground safe from unexpected surprises. Stay sharp, tech trailblazers!

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