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How much time do Gen Z really spend on social media? You’ll be shook

Scrolling Into the Future Gen Z's Social Media Dominance

Gen Z, born between ’97 and 2012, aren’t just riding the digital wave – they’re making it their own! An incredible 88% call YouTube home, with Instagram (76%) and TikTok (68%) close behind. It’s clear: Gen Z is the digital generation, rewriting the rules as they surf the online world.

Gen Z's Digital Double Act: Social Media and Beyond

Gen Zers have crafted a digital haven, dedicating substantial time to social media. With YouTube as their top pick, closely followed by Instagram, they’ve honed their online prowess. But their digital socializing goes beyond screens. Text messages, phone calls, and, surprisingly, video games claim more of their time than school or work, painting a picture of a generation deeply immersed in both virtual and real-world connections.

YouTube's Reign:

YouTube stands tall as Gen Z’s most-used platform, frequented by 88% of this demographic. Its influence extends beyond entertainment, ranking as the top choice for discussing brands and experiences.

Gen Z's Social Scene: Platforms and Gender Preferences

In the social media arena, Gen Z champions Instagram (76%), TikTok (68%), and Snapchat (67%), with TikTok’s popularity soaring by 21% since 2020. However, gender plays a role in platform choices, with males gravitating towards text-based apps like Discord, Twitter, and Reddit, while females prefer the captivating visuals of Instagram and Snapchat. It’s a diverse social landscape that reflects the rich tapestry of Gen Z’s online world.

Gen Z: Social Brand Buzz and Tech Enthusiasm

Gen Z isn’t just consuming brands; they’re actively promoting positive interactions across social media, showcasing their digital influence. What sets them apart? Their passionate embrace of internet culture, from online gaming to the metaverse, surpassing older generations. Brands are racing to adapt, recognizing the power of this tech-savvy generation. Gen Z is steering the digital ship!

Future Trends

As Gen Z matures, marketers are closely following this coveted consumer group into their increasingly digital world. Expect more online innovation, from virtual sneaker trading platforms to luxury retailers partnering with gaming platforms.


Gen Z’s digital reign isn’t just a trend; it’s a transformative force shaping the online world. Their choices and innovations don’t just impact social media; they’re forging a path toward immersive digital realms. To thrive, businesses and marketers must keep pace with this ever-evolving digital landscape, where Gen Z leads the way!

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