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Gen Z Faces Existential Crisis as Gen Alpha Memes Make Them Feel Old


Move over Gen Z, there’s a new generation taking over the internet with a quirky sense of humor that’s leaving their older counterparts feeling “old” and “out of touch.” Generation Alpha, born in the early 2010s, is now entering their tween years, and their parents have finally allowed them to join social media platforms, making their mark in the online world.

How it all started

The meme that sparked this generational shift was originally a YouTube series created by user DaFuq!? Boom!, boasting over 23 million subscribers. The series has now expanded to TikTok, and Gen Alpha finds it absolutely hilarious. However, their amusement is causing confusion and anxiety among Gen Z, who are now being made to feel like the “old” generation.

TikTok is inundated with videos and comments from Gen Zers struggling to grasp the humor behind Gen Alpha’s obsession with this new meme. Some even fear what this rise of Gen Alpha means for their generation, with some comparing their feelings to how Millennials felt when Gen Z made fun of their memes.

User Katherine George expressed her newfound empathy for Millennials, stating, “So this is how Millennials feel seeing our memes? Because I understand why they hate us now.” Another user forewarned that Gen Z might be “the next cringe generation on the chopping block” with the advent of Gen Alpha memes.

The age gap between the oldest Gen Alpha members and the youngest Gen Zers is minimal, yet Gen Zers feel ancient compared to their younger peers. Some are puzzled that they could already have their own set of memes.

It’s Universal

Clinical psychologist Dr. Aileen Alegado explains that feeling “old” or “out of touch” when younger generations grow up is a universal experience across age groups. However, for Gen Z, who have been accustomed to being the trendsetters on the internet, witnessing something new and nonsensical trend on the very platform they grew up on can be deeply unsettling.

This sense of identity crisis can lead to anxiety and confusion as Gen Z realizes they are maturing and no longer the youngest generation. Just as Gen Z once made fun of Millennials for being “cringey,” they may now experience a similar dynamic with Gen Alpha. When groups with different values and perspectives clash, conflicts can arise, though it’s usually all in good humor.

A taste of their own medicine, Enjoy it!

As for the trending videos themselves, Dr. Alegado says they’re hard for any generation to understand. Nevertheless, it serves as a timely reminder that Gen Alpha is ready to showcase their unique perspectives to the world. Just as previous generations laughed at each other’s humor, it’s now Gen Z’s turn to receive a taste of their own medicine from a younger, up-and-coming generation with an entirely different take on the world.

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