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The New Gen Z Trend in India: Friend Recommendations vs. Influencer Endorsements

Gen Z

India’s consumer landscape is undergoing a major transformation, particularly among the Gen Z population, The New Gen Z Trend. Gone are the days when traditional forms of advertising held the most sway. Today, young consumers in India are heavily influenced by the opinions and recommendations of their peers, as well as the endorsements of social media influencers.

Who is ruling the purchase game?

It seems that Gen Z in India have a different perspective when it comes to making purchasing decisions. They are actually 50% more inclined to buy products based on recommendations from their friends, rather than being influenced by celebrities or social media influencers. This finding indicates that Gen Zers highly value authentic and genuine recommendations from their peers.

This shift in perception highlights the changing role of content creators and their influence on this particular demographic. It’s interesting to note that Gen Z forms one of the largest audience groups on various social media and content platforms, making their preferences even more significant.

Unveiling GenZ shopping habits

According to a report from the Economic Times, 71% of Gen Z shoppers in India are all about eco-friendly brands. With their hyper awareness and concern for climate change, it’s no surprise that they prefer brands that are doing their part to save the planet. Plus, get this, around 63% of Gen Zers also prefer brands that support a social cause.
But here’s where it gets interesting: Gen Zers expect brands to create sustainable products but are hesitant to pay the additional cost for it. Can’t blame ’em for wanting the best of both worlds, right?

Gen Z shoppers are all about those sweet deals. They are price-conscious buyers through and through. That’s why they’re all about popularising the thrifting culture. You know, buying used goods from those rad second-hand shops. It’s all about being savvy and sustainable at the same time!

In conclusion

To cater to the expectations of Gen Z shoppers and ensure a lasting impact, brands should prioritise sustainability and affordability while also focusing on social cause. By adopting useful strategies, brands can effectively engage with Gen Z consumers and establish a meaningful connection that goes beyond mere consumption.

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