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Dukaan CEO Suumit Shah Replaces 90% of Support Staff with Chatbot Lina

Dukaan CEO

In a startling turn of events, the dreaded notion of employees being replaced by AI has now become a reality, catching many off guard.

Suumit Shah, the CEO of e-commerce startup Dukaan, found himself at the centre of a storm when a Twitter post went viral, revealing his decision to replace 90% of his customer support team with an AI chatbot. The online backlash against Shah has been immense, reflecting the deep concerns surrounding the encroachment of AI into the workforce.

Customer Satisfaction & Profitability

With a focus on delivering swift and efficient customer service, Shah emphasized the importance of prioritizing both customer satisfaction and profitability. By leveraging AI tools, the wait time for customers went from one minute and 44 seconds to instantaneously, showcasing a significant improvement. Moreover, the implementation of AI resulted in a staggering 85% reduction in customer support costs, further solidifying Shah’s bold strategy.

Suumit Shah went on to reveal the impressive capabilities of the newly developed AI chatbot, Lina, that has replaced much of his customer support team. Lina’s algorithms generate customised responses, curated to suit each client’s specific queries instantaneously.

According to Shah, this approach has enabled Dukaan to eliminate communication bottlenecks that were prevalent in the past, including delayed and generic responses from customer support agents. He also revealed that Lina has resolved over 200 live chats and approximately 1400 support tickets.

AI and Workforce

Suumit Shah’s decision to replace a significant portion of Dukaan’s customer support team with AI chatbot Lina has drawn both praise and criticism. While some laud the move for its efficiency, cost-cutting benefits, and improved customer service experience, others express concerns about the implications for human employees and job security.

This development serves as a stark reminder of the rapidly advancing role of AI in the workforce and the need for businesses to adapt and find a balance between technology and human resources.

As the debate around AI and its impact on employment continues, only time will tell if this is a stepping stone towards a more streamlined future or a cause for apprehension within the workforce.

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