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Efficient ways to deploy Generative AI Safely and Responsibly

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When ChatGPT launched last November, it intrigued and entertained with its potential to analyze huge data sets and quickly create new content. Just a few months later, businesses of all sizes and industries are exploring numerous groundbreaking applications to accelerate daily workflows. An earlier technological innovation, the search engine, underwent a similar transformation. Once cutting-edge, search engines are now commonplace yet crucial for our lives and businesses. However, as we rush to leverage this new technology, we cannot ignore the risks associated with generative AI. It is important to have a digital guardian, ensuring organizations can confidently adopt, govern, and monitor evolving generative AI tools with uncompromised security.

There are many cybersecurity platforms that provide visibility and insight into the use of external generative AI tools. They secure generative AI tools by leveraging:

  • Its strong, ethical framework and rigorous testing process
  • A tightly controlled development environment
  • App monitoring and customizable security controls
  • Elevating defenders with AI app visibility and monitoring

Protecting organizations from AI risks becomes challenging without insights into app usage across the environment. These platforms offer monitoring, visibility, and control of AI tool use, including ChatGPT, as an extension of its powerful cloud app reputation and identity profiling capabilities.

You can also choose whether to monitor AI use, with data loss detection to safeguard against both malicious and non-malicious insider threats, or restrict the use of large language model (LLM) engines entirely. When your cybersecurity platform is trustworthy, you can safely harness the benefits of AI tools to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Robust governance and rigorous testing are critical to ensure generative AI becomes a business enabler rather than a business risk. Continuous monitoring prevents unintended consequences of AI tools, including cybersecurity assistants, from impacting your organization. This platform-based approach provides cutting-edge and comprehensive protection.

Designed securely for peace of mind, all platforms acknowledge that while LLM technology is the heart of new AI applications, the human touch remains crucial for training and developing these tools. They maintain firm control over all data flows and training datasets on behalf of its customers, ensuring that your AI tool remains both effective and trustworthy.

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