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Career development in the face of AI

Since last fall, artificial intelligence has taken center stage in discussions about the future of business, work, and learning. ChatGPT and its successor, GPT-4, have rapidly gained popularity, surpassing the growth rates of Instagram and TikTok. However, the rise of AI hasn’t come without challenges. Google faced a $100 billion loss in market capitalisation due to an unsuccessful AI product demonstration, raising concerns about its competitiveness. The implications of AI extend beyond companies and impact individuals’ careers.

 While pundits have emphasised the importance of creativity and unique human skills to survive AI disruption, the latest wave of AI is proving that it can do more than just analyse data. AI can now create professional-level art, design, articles, and copywriting, potentially displacing journalists and marketers.

Rather than debating whether AI is smarter or better than humans, we believe it’s more valuable to explore how we can enhance ourselves by utilising these tools. There are numerous tactical applications for AI, such as using GPT-4 or other tools to boost productivity, brainstorm ideas, draft emails, or conduct extensive research.

However, beyond specific use cases, we are interested in identifying strategies that professionals can employ to generate unique value as AI continues to grow in power.

Here are five critical strategies we recommend:

Avoid predictability: AI operates by predicting the most likely next word based on existing data. While this can be helpful on a micro-level, it tends to homogenize suggestions and may lead to predictability and conformity. It’s important to use AI tools critically and consider going against their suggestions to stand out and bring originality to your work.

Hone the skills machines strive to emulate: AI, including GPT-4, can imitate qualities like empathy and creativity, but it lacks genuine human experiences and emotions. To differentiate yourself, focus on understanding others, truly knowing yourself, and creating something unique that machines cannot replicate.

Double down on “the real world”: AI is confined to the digital realm, while human connections and in-person interactions remain invaluable. Make time for face-to-face connections, engage in analog activities, and conduct original research to tap into insights that AI cannot provide.

Develop your personal brand: While AI may match or even surpass professionals in certain tasks, having a strong personal brand sets industry leaders apart. Clients and customers are willing to pay a premium for those associated with top-quality work and recognized expertise.

Cultivate expertise: AI excels at gathering information but may produce inaccurate or false results. Developing expertise in your field allows you to double-check and validate AI’s output, positioning you as a trusted and reliable source.

Take the challenge head on with confidence

By implementing these strategies, professionals can navigate the age of intelligent machines, harness the power of AI, and secure their unique value in an evolving landscape. Rather than fearing displacement, individuals can leverage AI to enhance their skills, augment their work, and drive meaningful impact.

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