Say Cheese! France Unveils Its First Cheese Museum

A variety of artisanal cheeses artfully arranged on a rustic wooden board.

 France has proudly introduced its inaugural cheese museum, known as Musée du Fromage. This one-of-a-kind destination seeks to envelop guests in the deep-rooted customs of making French cheese, showcasing the country’s renowned expertise in artisanal cheesecraft. Cheese Dreams Realized Paris, a city celebrated for its eclectic mix of museums, had yet to dedicate one to […]

What Happens When Dads Take Over Kitchens in School Textbooks? Ask Kerala!

A picture from a Class 3 textbook showing a father sitting on the kitchen floor, scraping coconut with a traditional scraper, beside his wife who is cooking, illustrating a scene of shared domestic responsibilities.

In a bold move towards fostering gender equality, the Kerala government has revamped its school curriculum to include images and narratives that break down traditional gender roles. This progressive step aims to inculcate a sense of equality and shared responsibilities from a young age, showing students the importance of partnership in household duties. As schools […]

The Wait Is Over: Kimi ni Todoke Season 3 Trailer & Release Date Announced!

Announcement graphic for Kimi ni Todoke Season 3 featuring an excited image of main characters Sawako and Kazehaya with the release date and trailer reveal details visible.

After 13 years, the much awaited shoujo anime “Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You” is making a return with its third season, scheduled to hit Netflix screens on August 1, 2024. Fans of the series received the exciting news of the renewal which was first hinted at back in April 2024. Trailer Teases New […]

Are You #RelationshipGoals or Just Faking It for Social Media?

Does your relationship meet social media ideal or if it's just for show, with a background of a couple taking a selfie.

Have you ever scrolled through your feed, met with smiling faces pinned against amazing backdrops, and wondered, “Is my relationship enough?” As we scroll through our social media feeds, many of us are silently haunted by a question: Why can’t I find love like that? Relationships, as defined by social media, have evolved into a […]

Did Japan Just Break the Record for the Fastest Internet Speed Ever?

Japan's achievement of setting a new world record for the fastest Internet speed.

Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) have established a pioneering record in internet speed, reaching a breathtaking 402 terabits per second (Tbps). This achievement, made possible through the use of conventional optical fiber coupled with state-of-the-art amplification techniques, dramatically exceeds earlier benchmarks. It also highlights the tremendous capabilities and advancements […]

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Stuns Fans with ‘Rockstar’, But Did She Miss the K-pop Mark?

Fans Enthralled by BLACKPINK Lisa's 'Rockstar' Performance, Yet Netizens Debate Her K-pop Impact

After splitting from YG Entertainment, Lalisa Manoban is back with a BANG! Her latest music video, “Rockstar,” shot in the vibrant streets of Bangkok, pays homage to her Thai roots, blending English raps with dynamic dance moves. “Rockstar” marks the eagerly awaited return of BLACKPINK’s Lisa to the music scene, showcasing her unique flair and energy. […]

Gender Reveals Gone Wild: Are We Celebrating Life or Chasing Likes?

An image showcasing a range of gender reveal party setups, from colorful balloons and themed decorations to a cake with a question mark, waiting to unveil the surprise of a baby's gender.

When I first heard about gender reveal parties, I was charmed. The idea of families coming together, guessing, laughing, and finally sharing in a moment of surprise seemed downright magical. Fast forward to today, and I find myself both amazed and a bit “icked” by how these celebrations have evolved—or escalated, depending on how you […]

‘Once Upon a Witch’s Death’ Animates Your Screens in 2025!

Promotional graphic for the upcoming 2025 anime series 'Once Upon a Witch's Death.'

Kadokawa reveals that the light novel series “Once Upon a Witch’s Death: The Tale of the One Thousand Tears of Joy” by Saka and Chorefuji will enchant TV screens with an anime adaptation in 2022. Get ready for the bewitching saga that weaves a tale of magic, emotion, and a witch’s fate. ‘Once Upon a […]

How Much Plastic Are You Consuming with Each Bottle of Water?

A close-up image of a transparent plastic water bottle, possibly containing microplastics invisible to the human eye,

Our lives are practically entwined with plastic, from the moment we grab our toothbrush in the morning to the water bottle we sip through the day. Yet, as we go along, these very items are silently breaking apiece. Tiny plastic fragments, known as microplastics and barely the size of a sesame dot, are forming right […]