Tails are Now in the Sky with Bark Air’s First Takeoff

featuring cute paw prints and dog bone motifs, ready to embark on its maiden voyage with excited dogs as passengers peering out the windows

Bark Air will launch its inaugural flight this Thursday, with a fully booked plane set to take off from New York to Los Angeles at 4:00 p.m. EST. Established in 2011 as a provider of dog food and other pet products, Bark announced its entry into the airline industry in April, offering a new flying […]

How Social Media Fuels Gen Z’s Finance Adventure

How Social Media Fuels Gen Z's Finance Adventure

Gen Z, famous for scouting money tips on YouTube and Instagram, has advisors in a quandary. Surprisingly, millennials, once in the same boat, chose professional advice. Now, as Gen Z navigates adulthood, a financial wisdom blend could be the secret sauce. Advisors, get ready to ride the Gen Z money wave! The Millennial Blueprint Millennials, […]

Level Up Your Life with These Awesome Japanese Concepts

Japanese concepts for life

Life got you feeling like a deflated whoopie cushion? Japan has the secrets to happiness (and is way cooler than sushi)! Dive in and unlock your inner zen! Finding Beauty in the Imperfect: Wabi-Sabi Ever scroll through social media and feel like everyone else’s life is perfect? Ugh, been there. Wabi-sabi teaches us to embrace […]