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Tails are Now in the Sky with Bark Air’s First Takeoff

featuring cute paw prints and dog bone motifs, ready to embark on its maiden voyage with excited dogs as passengers peering out the windows

Bark Air will launch its inaugural flight this Thursday, with a fully booked plane set to take off from New York to Los Angeles at 4:00 p.m. EST.

Established in 2011 as a provider of dog food and other pet products, Bark announced its entry into the airline industry in April, offering a new flying experience prioritizing dogs over their human owners. This service, which places emphasis on canine comfort during flights, is the second of its kind. The UK-based K9 Jets also offers a similar service where pets can sit beside their owners in the cabin, as opposed to being confined in crates in the cargo area of commercial planes.

 A New Dog-Centric Airline

Founded in 2011, Bark, known for its range of dog food and pet products, unveiled this innovative aviation service for dogs in April, positioning itself as a pioneer in pet-centric air travel. Following in the footsteps of the UK’s K9 jets, Bark Air emerges as the second airline designed specifically to accommodate pets alongside their owners in the cabin, providing a more comfortable alternative to the stressful conditions of cargo travel.

“Launching Bark Air is an outcome of years of insights into making a truly dog-first flying experience,” said Bark’s co-founder and CEO, Matt Meeker. “Our goal is not just to welcome dogs onboard, but to revolutionize the entire journey from the ground up. This venture aligns with our mission to enhance the bond between dogs and their owners globally.”

According to Bark’s reservation site, the eagerly anticipated New York to Los Angeles flight is fully booked. This initiative by Bark aims to offer a more relaxed travel experience for larger dogs that are unable to be accommodated under seats on traditional flights, ensuring both pets and their owners enjoy a stress-free journey.

Redefining Pet Travel with Luxurious “White Paw Service”

Announced in April, Bark Air is taking pet travel to impressive new heights by offering an unparalleled flying experience specifically tailored for dogs. This innovative service addresses the common issues faced by pet owners, including travel restrictions and the discomfort of cargo or cramped spaces.

Bark Air’s unique “white paw service” elevates canine comfort, allowing dogs to mingle freely in a specially designed “dog-centric” cabin layout. Mimicking the luxury of first-class service for humans, canine passengers will enjoy a selection of treats, noise-canceling ear muffs, their preferred beverage, and a variety of other delightful surprises.

Initially, Bark Air will connect the New York City metro area with Los Angeles and extend its services to include flights from New York to London, with plans to expand its route network shortly.

Operating as a public charter and utilizing the spacious Gulfstream G5 jets, Bark Air emphasizes convenience and inclusivity. Each dog’s ticket includes entry for one human companion, with options for families to purchase additional passes. The service boasts no restrictions on dog size or breed, making it a versatile option for all dogs. However, it’s noted that children under the age of 18 are not allowed on board, ensuring a tranquil environment for all canine and human passengers.

The luxury of flying with Bark Air is reflected in its pricing. For a single journey from New York to Los Angeles in June, the fare is set at $6,000 for a dog and its accompanying human. Those looking to cross the Atlantic from New York to London will find tickets priced at $8,000.

In a letter from May, Bark Air’s CEO, Matt Meeker, addressed the premium cost associated with the service. He anticipates that as demand for these unique flights increases, the ticket prices are likely to decrease, making it more accessible to a broader audience of pet owners.

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