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XL Bully Dogs to be Banned by UK Government

XL Bully Dogs to be Prohibited by UK Government

The UK government has recently passed a new law banning XL Bully type dogs under the Dangerous Dogs Act, following a sharp rise in fatal attacks, and the law will come into effect by the end of the year. The new regulation prohibits the breeding, selling, advertising, exchanging, gifting, rehoming, abandoning, or straying of XL Bully dogs in England and Wales. Additionally, starting from the enforcement date, these dogs must always be kept on a lead and muzzled while in public.

To comply with these new requirements, it is recommended that XL Bully dog owners initiate training their pets to wear a muzzle and walk on a lead in advance.

New Regulations for XL Bully Dogs in the UK

The UK government has announced new regulations for XL Bully dogs, urging breeders to immediately stop mating these dogs as it will soon be considered a criminal offense to sell or rehome them. Effective from 1st February 2024, owning an XL Bully dog that is not registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs will be illegal. To allow current owners to prepare, the implementation of these rules will be staggered.

Owners who wish to keep their XL Bully dogs must register them before the end of January and ensure compliance with strict guidelines. This includes muzzling and leash requirements in public, as well as microchipping and neutering the dogs.

For XL Bully dogs under one-year-old at the time of the ban, neutering must be completed by the end of the year. Older dogs must be neutered by the end of June.

Consequences of Non-compliance

Starting from 1st February, owners without a Certificate of Exemption may face criminal charges and an unlimited fine if found in possession of an XL Bully dog. Furthermore, their dog could potentially be seized as a result.

These measures aim to protect public safety and ensure responsible ownership of XL Bully dogs moving forward.

XL Bully Type Dog Added to Prohibited List Under Dangerous Dogs Act: Swift Action Taken to Protect Public

In a bid to protect the public against dog attacks, Environment Secretary Thérèse Coffey has announced the addition of the XL Bully type dog to the list of prohibited breeds under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Swift and decisive action is being taken by the government to prevent further occurrences of tragic incidents.

Prohibition and Restrictions on XL Bully Type Dogs

With immediate effect, breeding, selling, advertising, rehoming, or abandonment of an XL Bully type dog will be criminalized. Additionally, these dogs must be muzzled and kept on a lead in public. The ownership of XL Bully dogs will also be prohibited without an exemption in due course.

Collaboration for Effective Implementation

The government will work closely with police, canine and veterinary experts, as well as animal welfare groups, to take forward these important measures and ensure their effective implementation.

These new regulations a notable move towards protecting public safety against the potential threats posed by certain dog breeds.

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