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Purr-ioritising Happiness: Pet Parents’ Happiness Takes a Backseat

Dog and older lady

Welcome to the world of pet parenting, where furry companions hold a special place in hearts and homes. Where your furry friends have more Instagram followers than you do and your phone’s camera roll is filled with endless pictures of their adorable faces.

From teaching your dog how to high-five to trying to decipher what your cat’s meows really mean, being a pet parent is a non-stop adventure filled with love and laughter. And let’s not forget the endless shopping sprees for the latest and greatest pet toys, beds, and accessories. 

Get ready to discover the latest findings from the world of pet parenting – where furry friends reign supreme!

Are you guilty? 

A recent survey conducted by Stella & Chewy’s has revealed that pet owners are putting their pets’ happiness above their own. From expensive toys to organic, gluten-free food, pet owners spare no expense to ensure their furry friends are living their best lives. But who can blame them? 

After all, who doesn’t love seeing their pets wagging their tails and purring with contentment? So, are you guilty of being a pet parent who goes above and beyond for their furry friend?

Pet Care = Self-Care? 

That’s right, forget about self-care Sunday, it’s all about pet-care every day of the week!

But it’s not just a one-way street – the survey also revealed that taking care of their pets actively encourages pet parents to take better care of themselves. From reducing stress to encouraging exercise and healthy eating habits, the impact pets have is pawsitively huge!

So, if you’re feeling stressed, or need some motivation to go on an evening walk, just turn to your furry friend – the ultimate stress-buster.

Paws before Romance?

It seems that pet parents are willing to go to great lengths to show their appreciation.  Pet parents are taking “till death do us part” to a whole new level! 

Pet parents are putting their fur babies first, even when it comes to their social lives and travel plans. In fact, 61% of pet parents would rather stay home with their pets than go out on a date or even jet-set off on a fabulous vacation. With 94% making a concerted effort to show their furry friends some love and affection.

If you’re a pet parent who’s willing to sacrifice date nights and vacations for the sake of your beloved fur baby, you’re not alone!

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