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What’s new on Social media? A Weekly Roundup of Ads & Surprises


Hold on tight in the whirlwind of digital marketing! Last week dazzled with electric updates. Brace for Instagram’s mind-blowing ad twist and TikTok’s daring dive into the music galaxy. The hottest stories that snagged our focus are right here – you won’t want to miss these wild moves!

Instagram's Ad Expansion and Innovative Features

Instagram has rolled out a game-changing move by introducing multi-advertiser ads, allowing up to four ads within a single Instagram story. Meanwhile, the platform is testing audio notes and new animation for likes, although the latter has garnered mixed reactions.

TikTok's Dynamic Moves

TikTok, the social media sensation, has been making waves as well. The platform faced a ban on government devices in NYC, while diving into music partnerships and launching guides for ad creatives and travel marketing. The intriguing peek into their rivalry with music giants Apple Music and Spotify adds to the excitement.

Meta's Insights and Challenges

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, shared fresh insights into Instagram’s Explore page and shopping season ad campaigns. However, they faced concerns about referral traffic and AI-generated content. Their AI code generator could be launching sooner than we think.

Twitter's Tweaks and Initiatives

Twitter, known as X in this roundup, has been experimenting with changes. Verified organizations can now post job listings on iOS. Tweetdeck, XPro, is now exclusively available to paid subscribers, aiming to enhance user experience. The platform is also working on features like simplified boosting and ID verification.

Google's Transparency and Actions

Google launched a transparency center for product policies, repaying advertisers after concerns about low-quality ads, and making adjustments like dropping links from SGE (Search Growth Engine). They’re also bidding farewell to Shopping Ads Enhanced CPC.

AI Innovations and Marketing Moves

AI has been making headlines. OpenAI acquired a new startup, Amazon’s AI-generated reviews raised eyebrows, and Google’s DeepMind explored personal life AI tools. As marketing evolves, Amazon sparked reactions with its offer to influencers, and Acoustic teamed up with Snowflake for personalization.

Industry and Brand Buzz

Major brands like IHOP, Coca-Cola, and Aldi UK ignited attention with their compelling campaigns. Influencers played a role in reshaping brand images, and UK marketers expressed concerns about job security.

Conclusion: Marketing's Dynamic Landscape

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, change is the heartbeat. From social media titans to AI wonders and brand game-changers, last week unveiled the industry’s shifting tapestry. Keep your radar on for the next thrilling chapter in this captivating saga of innovation!

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