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The future of dating in 2024

dating trends in 2024

In the dynamic realm of contemporary dating, Bumble’s 2024 trends report sheds light on evolving preferences. The preceding year saw themes like Wanderlove and Open-casting, but 2024 is marked as the ‘year of self,’ emphasizing personal growth and uniqueness in the dating journey.

‘Jobification’ of relationships.

This shift reflects a broader sociological move towards individual autonomy, where dating transcends mere partner-seeking to encompass self-discovery, personal development, and profound connections, notes relationship expert Aashmeen Munjaal. In this transformative phase, individuals reject perfection, challenge societal timelines, and resist the ‘jobification’ of relationships.

Bumble’s survey reveals a noteworthy trend in India, where 59% of women approach the new year with clear romantic goals. Key predictions for 2024 include:

Val-Core Dating: 

A rising focus on shared values sees 25% of individuals valuing their partner’s engagement in politics and social causes. Human rights issues top the list for 64% of Indian singles.

Betterment Burnout: 

The constant pursuit of self-improvement gives way to a rebellion against optimization pressure. Globally, 68% of women seek contentment in the present, with 56% of Indian women considering partners who accept them as they are.

Intuitive Intimacy: 

Emotional closeness takes precedence as 35% of Indian singles prioritize security, safety, and understanding, with 78% of women emphasizing the need for a partner who comprehends both emotional and physical aspects.

Open-Hearted Masculinity: 

Evolving conversations around masculinity and vulnerability impact relationships, with 25% of men globally embracing increased openness. In India, 26% of men report positive mental health effects, while 37% consider a lack of vulnerability a dating dealbreaker.

MVP (Most Valuable Partner): 

Sports-centric relationships gain traction, with 35% of single Indians deeming a shared love of sports non-negotiable. 30% emphasize the importance of attending sports events together, influencing a notable proportion of Indian profiles displaying sports interest badges.


In response to growing emphasis on mental well-being, 58% of singles embrace openness about mental health. One in three Indians actively practices ‘slow-dating,’ prioritizing quality over quantity in reshaping their dating habits.

Bumble’s insights indicate a significant cultural shift towards more meaningful, values-based, and mindful connections in the evolving landscape of dating.

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