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Financial Flames: The latest Gen Z dating trend

Financial Flames: the new dating trend

A new dating trend, known as “financial flames,” is emerging, wherein couples prioritize financial health and stability in their romantic relationships. This trend has gained momentum due to a series of economic uncertainties, including the 2008 financial crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing student debt, and concerns about retirement savings.

Who are “Financial Flames”?

Financial flames” are couples who recognize the importance of factors like solid credit scores, assets, and bank statements in romantic relationships. This trend is not about formal financial arrangements but acknowledges that the financial stability and success of one or both partners play a significant role in their happiness as a couple.

A nationwide survey conducted by, involving over 1,200 single American adults aged 18 to 42, revealed that 42% of respondents prioritize financial health when seeking potential partners. For many, it’s not just an item on a checklist; it’s the top consideration. A separate survey by buy-now, pay-later company Affirm found that 51% of millennials consider the ability to manage money the most attractive trait in a partner, while 49% value financial stability.

Financial stability has become a point of attraction for many, with nearly 25% of singles discussing financial matters with potential romantic partners before their first date, according to a survey by TD Bank. Experts stress the importance of open financial discussions early in a relationship to ensure both partners are on the same page. These discussions can involve sharing financial goals, creating a timeline, making a budget, and scheduling regular “financial check-ins.”

More than a third of Gen Zers and millennials, 38% and 36% respectively, say they would consider breaking up with a partner who does not share the same money values as them, according to a study from Intuit Credit Karma. In the context of the American financial landscape, it makes sense that people do not want to be held back from their goals and aspirations by their partners’ financial misalignment.

Be Prudent, that the advice

The convenience of dating apps, while offering a wide array of choices, has also led to dating burnout. The endless possibilities of swiping right have made it more challenging for young adults to settle down, as they may see each other as disposable. To avoid dating burnout, being more selective about which apps to use and who to choose as potential partners is crucial.

Ultimately, “financial flames” are those whose financial situations align with their partners’ lifestyle goals, which adds an attractive dimension to the relationship. As financial health and stability increasingly become top priorities in dating, more couples are recognizing the importance of a solid financial foundation in their pursuit of love.

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