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Chinese Woman Chooses Pets Over Children, Leaves $2.8 Million to Pets

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A wealthy woman from Shanghai, going by the name Liu, has unleashed her unconventional plan for her fortune: her furry companions will inherit her $2.8 million fortune, while her three human children are left empty-handed.

The feline-loving matriarch explained her decision by pointing out her children’s lack of care during her twilight years, as they failed to visit her during times of illness. Unlike her own children, her faithful cats and devoted dogs stood by her side, providing unwavering companionship and love.

This purrplexing case of pet preferment has sparked quite the debate, leading many to ponder the value of unconditional love and loyalty. Some wonder if this action is a positive message to negligent children everywhere, reminding them that love and attention shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Internet Applauds Bold Move

Online commentators hailed the woman’s choice, with one individual declaring, “Well done. If my daughter treats me poorly in the future, I will also leave my house to others,”. This sentiment struck a chord, resonating with those who have experienced familial neglect or indifference.

The viral response to this story highlights the underlying frustrations and shared experiences of many elderly parents who often feel overlooked or taken for granted by their own children. It challenges the traditional notions of family obligations and raises important questions about filial piety.

Veterinary Clinic Entrusted to Oversee Pet Inheritance

As China does not permit funds to be directly bequeathed to animals, the woman, known as Liu, has designated a local veterinary clinic to serve as the administrator of her estate and caretaker of her feline and canine companions.

While the unprecedented decision is not without risk, an official from the China Will Registration Centre’s eastern China branch spoke with Liu and acknowledged her prerogative to make such a choice. The official also reminded the woman that changes could be made to her will if her children were to exhibit a change of heart, indicating that Liu had left herself a potential loophole.

As this story unfolds, it raises important questions about the unique relationships we share with our beloved pets and the lengths to which we will go to ensure their welfare when we can no longer care for them ourselves. It also highlights the legal quirks and challenges of navigating inheritance laws across societies.

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