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Twitter bids adieu to iconic blue bird logo with X

Twitter new logo

Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of Twitter, revealed an exciting and ambitious vision for the future of the popular social media platform. In an announcement made by owner Elon Musk, it was revealed that Twitter will undergo a major rebranding, starting with a new name – ‘X’. Alongside this transformation, the iconic blue bird symbol that has long been associated with the platform will be replaced with a fresh and innovative logo.

The 2.0 version of Twitter, now rebranded as ‘X,’ promises to be a game-changer in the world of social media. With a major focus on artificial intelligence, the new version will offer innovative products and tools that go beyond what’s currently available.

The company has been diligently working on ‘X’ for over eight months, and CEO Linda Yaccarino is confident that its launch will unleash the untapped potential of the social media platform.

In a series of tweets, she expressed her excitement about the rare opportunity for a second chance in life or business that the rebranding brings. Yaccarino also applauded Twitter for its significant influence, revolutionizing the way we connect and communicate.

 An AI-Powered Social media Platform full of Possibilities

According to Yaccarino, ‘X’ will allow for unlimited interactivity centred on audio, video messaging, payments, and banking. This will create a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities all powered by AI.

With the power of AI, ‘X’ has the potential to make unprecedented connections, providing countless opportunities for people worldwide.

Furthermore, Yaccarino is confident that we have not even scratched the surface of what ‘X’ can achieve. So, we can only imagine the possibilities this groundbreaking platform will offer in the years to come.

The rebranding of Twitter into ‘X’ signifies an exciting new chapter for the social media platform. With a focus on artificial intelligence and innovative products, the 2.0 version of ‘X’ aims to go beyond its current offerings and tap into its untapped potential.

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