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Tween Skincare: Are Youngsters Going Overboard with Expensive Routines?

tween skincare trends: is it too much?

In an era where children’s Christmas wish lists once featured toys, today’s tweens are more likely to desire Drunk Elephant skincare and Sephora vouchers. This shift towards perfecting elaborate skincare routines at a young age, often including high-end products, has sparked a new trend dubbed “sleep tourism.” The trend involves traveling to specific destinations or accommodations designed for optimal sleep experiences.

What’s the root cause?

The genesis of this trend can be traced back to influencers like Pixie Curtis in Australia, whose carefully curated Mecca wishlist for her 11-year-old daughter stirred controversy. The trend gained further momentum globally with the Kardashian kids, particularly North West and Penelope Disick, showcasing their skincare routines featuring expensive brands like Drunk Elephant, SKYNN by Kim, and others.

While these videos follow the ‘get ready with me’ format and flaunt pricey products, the most concerning aspect is the use of anti-ageing products formulated to address signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Dermatologist Dr. Liz from Northern Sydney Dermatology and Laser emphasizes that while there is no major harm in using these products, they are unnecessary for kids of this age and could potentially irritate the skin.

Keep it simple

Dr. Liz recommends that all tweens need is a good soap-free cleanser and moisturizer, as their young skin is naturally beautiful and doesn’t require additional interventions. She advises against introducing anti-ageing products until they are needed. However, if a tween faces specific skin concerns like dermatitis, consulting a dermatologist for specialized skincare tailored to their needs is a prudent step.

While these skincare routines may be garnering attention and followers on social media, the dermatologist’s perspective suggests that, for young skin, simplicity is key. The influx of expensive and age-inappropriate products into the skincare routines of tweens is a trend that has sparked discussions on whether it is harming the well-being of young individuals.

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