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The Rise of the Sheer Skirt: A New Take on Naked Dressing for 2024

Naked dressing with sheer skirt

Naked dresses have been a dominant force in the fashion world, championed by celebrities like Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski, and the Kardashians. However, in 2024, the spotlight is shifting towards the sheer skirt as the next big trend. Florence Pugh’s bold choice of a transparent sequined maxi skirt with visible white briefs at the Valentino show set the stage for this emerging style.

Designers are presenting the sheer skirt not just as a means of revealing skin but as a versatile layering piece to add depth and texture to outfits. Often crafted from romantic fabrics like organza and tulle, these skirts are being paired with elevated basics such as grey knitwear, tailored coats, belted blazers, and ballet pumps or loafers, making them suitable for daytime wear.

A different take on the trend

This trend represents a more muted take on naked dressing, focusing on sheer layering rather than full transparency. Brands like Prada incorporate solid panels at the top of skirts for modesty, appealing to customers who seek a blend of sensuality and sophistication. Elegant colors associated with quiet luxury, such as rich burgundy and various shades of grey, dominate the sheer skirt trend. Some designers like 16Arlington introduce texture, color, and drama with shimmering paillettes, balanced by relaxed styling featuring Wall Street shirts and oversized crew-necks. Styling tips from Prada and Carven suggest pairing sheer midi skirts with sensible knits and blazers for a chic yet practical look. Accessories play a crucial role, with glossy boots, satin ballerina pumps, or polished loafers complementing the ensemble. Choosing the right underwear is essential when embracing this trend. Opting for solid black knickers from brands like Eres or CDLP ensures a polished finish underneath sheer or lace skirts.

Overall, the sheer skirt trend offers a sophisticated approach to naked dressing, blending sensuality with practicality and allowing individuals to express their style with confidence.

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