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The 10 Hidden Treasures: Comics Unveiled by Goodreads

10 best comics by Good Reads

Seeking out comics is akin to plucking a clover from a vast field – while excellent choices are abundant, the true gems often hide in plain sight. Underrated comics mirror this concept. These graphic novelties, obscured by relative obscurity or modest reviews, offer a unique delight to those fortunate enough to discover them. Unlike their well-established counterparts, these comics offer a fresh recommendation, something novel that even your most comic-savvy friends might not have stumbled upon. These unheralded comics, residing among Goodreads’ least recognized titles, are unjustly overlooked treasures deserving of attention. Their underrated status only heightens their appeal, making them an essential addition to your reading list.

The Approach for choosing the most underrated

To clarify, my approach in selecting these 10 comics wasn’t solely based on the lowest number of Goodreads ratings. Such a criterion could mislead, particularly for recently released or unreleased titles, as their ratings might grow with time. Moreover, the term “underrated” implies an absence of recognition coupled with genuine merit. While it’s uncomfortable to assert that certain comics warrant fewer ratings, there’s no denying that we’ve all encountered works deserving of a more discerning audience.

Thus, the following comics, while bearing fewer Goodreads ratings, also boast the quality and value deserving of your investment. In other words, they are truly commendable comics.

“Rocket Salvage” by Yehudi Mercado and Bachan

Goodreads Ratings: 66
Former space racer turned family man navigates the challenges of parenthood, with a clone son and prodigious daughter in tow. Yet, when an interstellar manhunt targets his family, he must impart his high-speed skills to his children to evade cosmic danger.

“Everyday Hero Machine Boy” by Irma Kniivila and Trí Vương

Goodreads Ratings: 151
Machine Boy plummets from a doomed sky city, leaving chaos in his wake. Karate Grandpa ignites Machine Boy’s compassion, instilling a desire to become a hero. From battling giant bugs to rescuing cats, Machine Boy embarks on a quest to be a force of good, even as he confronts existential questions about his nature.

“Clockwork Curandera: The Witch Owl Parliament” by David Bowles, Raúl the Third, Stacey Robinson, Damian Duffy

Goodreads Ratings: 193
In an alternate colonial Mexico, a curandera is resurrected by her grieving brother, blending human and machine elements. Her existence defies societal norms and heals alike, setting the stage for a conflict between the Republic’s prohibitions and her unwavering dedication to protect her beloved land and its people.

“The Heart Hunter” by Mickey George and V. Gagnon

Goodreads Ratings: 298
Set on an island where cursed souls wear their hearts externally, immortality competes with love. Enter Heart Hunters, assassins eliminating soulmates before their encounter. One Heart Hunter’s encounter with a royal contract catalyzes transformative events, reshaping her life irrevocably.

“Eve” by Victor LaValle, Jo Mi-Gyeong, and Brittany Peer

Goodreads Ratings: 419
Emerging from a virtual reality upbringing, a girl awakens to a harsh, unfamiliar world. Tasked with saving her father, she ventures into the climate-ravaged real world, alongside a robotic companion, confronting the truths concealed to preserve her innocence.

“Mech Cadet Yu” by Greg Pak, Triona Farrell, Takeshi Miyazawa

Goodreads Ratings: 476
At Sky Corps Academy, humans bond with giant alien robots to fend off extraterrestrial threats. When a janitor’s son forms a bond with a robot meant for cadets, he must prove his mettle and realize his dream of safeguarding Earth.

“Prism Stalker” by Sloane Leong

Goodreads Ratings: 580
A refugee turned indentured servant on an alien planet seizes the chance for a new life by joining a colonization mission. Training in unique techniques on a bizarre, violent planet, she navigates a struggle between her traumatic past and her aspirations for the future.

“Godshaper” by Simon Spurrier and Jonas Goonface

Goodreads Ratings: 604
In a world where personal gods accompany humans, those without gods, known as Godshapers, manipulate others’ deities. Ennay, a Godshaper, embarks on a transformative journey alongside a godless deity named Bud, leading to a revelation that could reshape humanity and its divine companions.

“Catboy” by Benji Nate

Goodreads Ratings: 1,284
For those who consider their cat a dear friend, this endearing graphic novel is a must-read. After Olive’s wish transforms her cat Henry into a humanoid companion, their heartwarming adventures explore the bonds between humans and their feline friends.

“Crowded” by Christopher Sebela, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, Triona Farrell, Cardinal Rae

Goodreads Ratings: 1,757
In a near-future world, an app facilitates assassination by crowd-sourcing. When Charlie becomes a target, she enlists Vita, a low-rated bodyguard from the Dfend app, to uncover the truth behind the threat, delving into a web of conspiracies.

The allure of underrated comics lies not only in their hidden status but in the rich narratives and inventive storytelling they offer. These comics, often bypassed by the mainstream, await your discovery, promising a reading experience that defies expectations and enriches your comic book journey.

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