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Sundress? What’s that? Its TikTok’s summer obsession

What is a Sundress

With warmer weather comes the excitement of “sundress season,” especially among men on TikTok who celebrate the arrival of this fashion phenomenon. Videos of men joyfully acknowledging sundress season, like Sam spinning his sundress-clad wife, Jess, and Dayton proclaiming it the “best season,” have gone viral.

What exactly is a sundress?

Jacqueline Ryan’s video, amassing over 9 million views, epitomizes the confusion. She humorously questions what qualifies as a sundress, given the vast variety of dresses available. The responses vary widely. Some women describe sundresses as knee-length with spaghetti straps, floral patterns, and a breezy skirt, resembling “milkmaid” dresses. Others mention fitted maxi dresses like the viral SKIMS dress. The definitions diverge further with some believing sundresses should be above the knee and flowy, while others think of them as long, thin fabric dresses suitable for summer.

The debate even prompted a “mansplain” analysis from creator Randy Trembacki, who suggested the ideal sundress is sleeveless with a corset-like bodice and a loose skirt that hits above the knee. His video gained 8.4 million views, highlighting a perspective many men agreed with. He described the sundress as a blend of “cute and sexy,” accentuating the female form conservatively.

Its different in different places

However, this definition sparked controversy, revealing cultural differences. Some viewers argued that the tight, bodycon dress is what defines a sundress in certain communities, contrasting with Trembacki’s description. This disagreement underscores the notion that there isn’t a single correct answer.

Ultimately, the confusion surrounding what constitutes a sundress reveals that it’s subjective, shaped by personal and cultural perceptions. While men and women alike celebrate sundress season, the diverse interpretations reflect broader fashion dynamics. As Trembacki concluded, sometimes in life, there are multiple correct answers, and this debate perfectly exemplifies that. Whether short and flowy or long and form-fitting, the sundress continues to be a cherished summer staple, adaptable to different tastes and traditions.

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