Sundress? What’s that? Its TikTok’s summer obsession

What is a Sundress

With warmer weather comes the excitement of “sundress season,” especially among men on TikTok who celebrate the arrival of this fashion phenomenon. Videos of men joyfully acknowledging sundress season, like Sam spinning his sundress-clad wife, Jess, and Dayton proclaiming it the “best season,” have gone viral. What exactly is a sundress? Jacqueline Ryan’s video, amassing […]

Addressing the waste crisis with AI-driven solutions

The global waste crisis is wreaking havoc on our planet, with a significant portion of waste ending up in landfills, often created by destroying forests or other habitable lands. In the United States alone, landfills occupy land roughly the size of Maryland. This growing issue calls for innovative solutions to manage waste more effectively. The […]

This #1 Nut is Going to Change Your Weight Loss Game!

this nut can be your weight loss friend

Trying to shed some pounds? Don’t ditch the nuts just yet! Turns out, these crunchy snacks can be your weight-loss BFFs. Studies show people who munch on nuts regularly tend to have better metabolic health and even avoid packing on the pounds. Registered dietitian Bianca Tamburello explains, “Nuts are packed with healthy fats that keep […]

Nova explosion! Don’t Miss This Once-in-a-Lifetime Cosmic Event!

Nova explosion

Yo space nerds, listen up! This summer, the night sky is about to get lit (literally!). A star system called T Corona Borealis (T CrB for short) is gearing up for a mind-blowing nova explosion. That means it’s gonna go from invisible to the naked eye to brighter than the North Star! Binary Stars & […]