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Smoky Eye? Snooze! Here’s How to Slay Your Eye Makeup in 2024

eye makeup trends in 2024

Remember those endless YouTube tutorials back in the day teaching us how to do the perfect smoky eye? Yeah, those were good times. But guess what? Our makeup bags are due for an upgrade because according to Gen Z, heavy eyeshadow is officially out.

So Long Smokey Eye

Move over complicated eyeshadow looks! It’s all about effortless, cool vibes now.  The secret weapon? Smudgy liner. Think of it as the grungy makeup trend we saw on the models at the Feben show, but even easier to achieve. Black liner for bold, brown for a softer look—just don’t forget to keep the inner corners bright to avoid going full panda.

Glossy Lids & Killer Lashes

Ditch the eyeshadow! Glossy lids are the new eye trend according to makeup artists. Think dewy skin but for your eyelids!  Layer on the mascara for spidery lashes and add a clear gloss for a wet-look shine. Petroleum jelly even works in a pinch (it’s good for your lids too!). Just be careful not to use lip gloss on your eyes – eye infections are no fun!

Colored Mascara Magic

Remember those models with lashes that looked like rainbow explosions? Colored mascara is still a thing, even if eyeshadow is out!  Think blue mascara with dramatic falsies for major wow-factor, or a cool burgundy shade for a more subtle look.  The best part? Without eyeshadow drama, your colorful lashes will be the star of the show!

Final words

Ditch the smoky eye; it’s time to level up your eye game!  We’re talking effortless smudgy liner for a cool, grungy vibe, or glossy lids and killer lashes for a dewy, fresh look.  And don’t forget the colored mascara—it’s the perfect way to make your peepers pop with zero blending required. Your eyes will be thanking you for the upgrade!

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