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Should I discuss my salary with colleagues?

Gen Z salary: To share or not

We were taught not to discuss three things – Money, politics, and religion. But hey, it’s 2023, and the times have changed. It’s high time we break the silence, especially when it comes to that green stuff – money, honey. You see, discussing your salary can be your golden ticket to unlocking greater earning potential. If you don’t know how much you could be making, how on earth can you ask for it? And here’s the kicker – not talking about it contributes to income inequality, and that’s not cool.

Wait up, you might ask, what’s the link between salary chatter and inequality?

Well, my dear, a lot of the financial inequalities we face today, like the gaps in who owns a house, the weight of student loans, and our overall wealth, are intricately tied to unequal pay. Pay transparency can be the secret sauce to fix this mess. When you know how much your company pays you compared to your coworkers and how it stacks up against your industry, you can finally tell if you’re getting a fair slice of the pie. And if not, it’s your cue to march in and ask for that raise or gun for a higher-paying gig.

Okay, got it. So, who do I spill the beans to?

Calm down, superstar, we’re not saying you should post your salary on TikTok for the world to see. Though that might help normalize pay transparency and get people thinking about their own earnings. But let’s keep it chill.

First off, your coworkers are prime suspects. They’re your partners in crime, and there’s power in numbers. If you spot some shady business at your workplace, like men making more than women for the same grind, you’ve got a ready-made squad to tackle the issue together. Psst, we’ve even Skimm’d how to chat with your coworkers about your cash stash.

Your significant other – yup, that person you’re Netflix-and-chilling with. Even if you’re not merging your finances, you should know where each other stands on the cash front. Trust us; it’s a lifesaver for avoiding money meltdowns later on. And finding out your partner’s salary can help you both budget for your future escapades. Plus, discussing your career dreams and goals can strengthen your support system.

Now, your squad, your ride-or-die crew – they’re in on this too. Normalizing salary talk with your tight-knit gang can make it a breeze to talk shop when the time comes (hello, salary negotiation). Besides, it’s a fantastic way to peek into different industries and see how your moolah measures up.

Last but not least, yourself. If, after all these heart-to-hearts, a little voice inside your head is screaming, “I deserve more,” pay attention! Whether you’re plotting a raise heist or a career switch, the first step is knowing your own worth. You’ve got this!

Alright, spill it. What are the risks?

Well, champ, mainly it’s the awkwardness. Although millennials like us are more open to money talks than our predecessors, it can still make folks squirm. But here’s the scoop – your boss can’t legally slap you with a penalty for swapping salary secrets with your coworkers. So, don’t worry about breaking any rules.

But there’s this thing called the “ambition penalty” lurking in the shadows. It’s when people, especially women, get tagged as aggressive and pushy when they negotiate, and they’re less likely to score the raises and promotions they’re gunning for. So, like any tricky convo, approach your salary discussions with good vibes and respect for your peers. Oh, and let them know you’re game to share too – it’s a two-way street, baby.

Here’s the deal: talking salary used to be a big no-no, and that’s played a part in keeping those pesky gender and racial wage gaps alive and kicking. So, start getting comfy sharing your earnings deets with your pals and trusted peeps. It’s a step towards understanding your true earning potential and feeling confident when you ask for what you deserve. Let’s close those gaps together, and may the paychecks be ever in your favor!

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