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Olivia Rodrigo: The Gen Z Queen of Angst

guts, Olivia Rodrigo new album

Olivia Rodrigo is a defining voice of the 2020s. Her spiky, emotionally heightened pop-rock songs resonate with Gen Z and older generations alike. Music writer Rhian Daly says that part of Rodrigo’s appeal is that she “gives you permission to feel everything and not to have to dilute anything.” This is especially important after the last few years, when many people have been feeling a lot of pent-up emotions.

The Defining Voice of Gen Z

Olivia Rodrigo is only 20 years old, but she has already become one of the most popular and influential pop stars in the world. Her debut album, Sour, was a global phenomenon, and her songs have been praised for their raw emotion and relatability.

Rodrigo’s music resonates with Gen Z because she speaks to their experiences in a way that few other artists can. Her songs are about heartbreak, jealousy, and self-doubt, but they are also about empowerment and resilience. Rodrigo’s music gives Gen Z a voice, and it helps them to feel less alone.

Rodrigo’s music is also a powerful force for good. Her songs have helped to break down stigmas around mental health, and they have inspired young people to speak out about their experiences. Rodrigo is a role model for Gen Z, and she is helping to make the world a more understanding and compassionate place.

Olivia Rodrigo’s New Album Channels the Anger and Resentment of ’90s Female Rock Stars’

Olivia Rodrigo’s highly anticipated second album, Guts, is finally here. The album, which was released on Friday, is a bold and unapologetic exploration of heartbreak and anger. Rodrigo has said that she was inspired by 1990s female rock stars like Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple, and it shows.

The album’s lead single, “Vampire,” is a perfect example of Rodrigo’s newfound aggression. The song begins as a hushed piano ballad, but it quickly builds into a full-blown rock anthem. Rodrigo sings about an ex who has “drained her dry” and left her feeling empty. The song is a powerful reminder that anger can be a healthy emotion, and that it’s okay to feel resentful sometimes.

Guts is not all about anger, though. There are also moments of vulnerability and self-reflection on the album. In the song “Enough for You,” Rodrigo sings about feeling like she’s not good enough for her partner. The song is a heartbreaking reminder that even the most confident people can struggle with self-doubt.

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