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Nightstand Upgrade Alert! Amazon’s Brand New Echo Spot is Here

Amazon's Echo Spot Clock

Remember the OG Amazon’s Echo Spot from way back in 2017? Yeah, it’s officially 2023, and Amazon just dropped a brand new version that’s gonna level up your nightstand. This new Spot is a clock with superpowers, and it’s ready to be your BFF for sleep, music, and more.

What's the Deal?

The new Echo Spot ditches the old full-screen design for a half-and-half approach. Think clock face on top, speaker on the bottom.  It might sound weird, but trust us, it works. The screen will show you the time, weather, and even what song is playing. Plus, there are tons of different clock faces to choose from, so you can personalize your Spot to match your vibe.

Alexa Built-In: Your Nightstand Assistant

This wouldn’t be an Echo device without Alexa, right? Yep, Alexa is on board to answer all your burning questions. Need to know the weather before your morning skate session? Ask Alexa. Wondering what time that new movie starts? Alexa’s got you covered. And of course, you can always ask the age-old question, “Alexa, where’s Chuck Norris?” We won’t spoil the answer, but let’s just say Alexa knows her stuff.

Say Cheese? Not This Time

One thing missing from this new Spot? A camera. The older version had one, but Amazon says most people only used it for photos and videos when they wanted to, and it could be disabled anyway. So, they decided to ditch it altogether for this new model.

Price Tag Alert!

The new Echo Spot comes in black, white, and blue, and it won’t break the bank. The regular price is $79.99, but Prime members get a sweet discount – we’re talking more than 40% off at just $44.99!

Ready to Upgrade Your Nightstand?

If your current nightstand situation is feeling a little, well, basic, the new Echo Spot is a pretty sweet upgrade. It’s a clock, a speaker, and your very own Alexa assistant, all in one. Not to mention, the price is on point, especially for Prime members. So, ditch the boring old alarm clock and snag a new Echo Spot – your mornings (and nights) will thank you.

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