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Hold Up! You’ve Been Missing Out On These Secret Amazon Prime Perks

Amazon prime perks

We all know Prime is the GOAT (greatest of all time) for fast and free shipping, but did you know there’s a ton of other cool stuff hidden in your membership?   We’re talking free books, gaming loot, and even restaurant delivery!  Here’s the lowdown on the most underrated Prime benefits:

Free Books & Comics: Level Up Your Reading

Skip library fines and ditch the wait! Prime Reading & First Reads offer free ebooks & comics, including Star Wars, Marvel, and even literary fiction. Score new releases early with First Reads. All you need is your Kindle device or phone app.

Free Grubhub+: Treat Yourself

Ordering takeout is life, but delivery fees can add up faster than you can say “extra cheese.” Prime to the rescue! With your membership, you get a free Grubhub+ subscription. That means free delivery on orders over $12 – hello, endless Thai food nights!  Just remember to tip your delivery driver, because kindness matters.

Try Before You Buy Clothes: No More Shopping Regrets

Online shopping can be a gamble. Will those jeans fit, or will they end up collecting dust in your closet?  Prime’s Try Before You Buy program lets you pick out multiple clothes and send back the ones that make you look like…well, not your best self. No upfront payment, just try and decide at home. Just be aware that some returned items might end up in landfills, so shop responsibly!

Prime Gaming: Unlock Your Inner Gamer

Gamers, assemble!  Score free PC games weekly with Prime Gaming (keep them forever!). Plus, snag awesome loot for Destiny 2, Apex Legends & more (free armor & weapons!). The best part? Get a FREE monthly Twitch subscription to support your favorite streamer!  Level up your gaming & wallet with Prime.

Music & Podcasts: Stream on a Budget

Who needs a separate music subscription when you have Prime?  The Prime version of Amazon Music lets you jam out to millions of songs, with ad-free podcasts included.  Skip songs might be limited, but hey, it’s free!

Free Photo Storage: Keep Your Memories Safe

Running out of phone space for all those selfies and memes?  No worries! Prime gives you unlimited photo storage with Amazon Photos.  Store all your pics and some videos, for free.  It’s a haven for your digital memories.

So there you have it! These hidden Prime perks are like finding a hidden treasure chest.  From free entertainment to stress-free shopping, your Prime membership has way more to offer than you might think. Start digging in and unlock the full potential of your subscription!

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