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Monsoon Gut Health: 4 Ayurvedic Measures for a Happy Tummy!

Monsoon Healthy Food

Embrace the monsoon’s refreshing change, but beware of its health challenges! Ayurveda warns that our weakened bodies from summer can worsen during rainy days, leading to stomach issues and infections. Fear not! Dr. Subash S. Markande, the wise Consulting Physician at SwaSwara, offers Ayurvedic secrets for a robust gut and metabolism boost this season. Here are 4 ayurvedic measures for your gut health this monsoon.

1. Foods to Eat During Monsoon: Nourish and Balance

Discover the monsoon’s culinary delights! Sustain your body with unctuous fats, slight sourness, and savoury goodness. Relish old grains, wholesome wheat, and nourishing pulse soups. Let goat meat, ghee, and milk work their metabolic magic. Embrace pumpkin, drumstick, and garlic for robust support. Feast on khichadi, jeera rice, and more for daily nourishment. Warm up your meals and awaken digestion with a touch of ginger, jaggery, or rock salt!

2. Warm Drinks for the Monsoon Season: Ignite the Digestive Fire

Ignite your digestive fire with Dr. Markande’s herbal elixirs! Whip up warm wonders like invigorating ginger water, soothing cumin water, and refreshing coriander water. Simply boil, infuse, and savor the goodness. Remember, relish within 6 hours for ultimate benefits. Cheers to a vibrant gut!

3. Foods to Avoid During Monsoon: Lighten the Load on Your Gut

As our metabolism slows down during monsoons, it’s wise to avoid heavy-to-digest food items. Steer clear of ice creams, dairy, oily and deep-fried foods. Say no to potatoes, leafy vegetables, raw foods, and salads. Pre-packed foods, curd, red meat, and excess water or liquids should also be on your avoid list. While you can indulge in your favorite complex preparations like biryani, chole, or rajma occasionally, moderation is key.

4. Lifestyle Changes During Monsoon: Embrace Health Holistically

A balanced diet alone isn’t enough; adopting a healthy lifestyle is equally important for reaping the benefits. Avoid daytime naps and excessive exertion. Keep your surroundings dry and clean to prevent water accumulation. Refrain from walking in dirty rainwater and getting soaked in the rain. If you do get wet, change into dry clothes promptly and dry your head. Keep your body warm and use Loban and dry neem leaves to keep fungal infections at bay.

Enjoy Monsoon with Ayurvedic Wisdom!

With these simple yet effective Ayurvedic measures, you can improve your gut health, boost your metabolism, and stay healthy and vibrant throughout the monsoon season. Embrace the goodness of warm herbal drinks and nourishing foods while making mindful lifestyle changes to make the most of this beautiful season! Remember, good health during the monsoon will set the tone for a joyful and comfortable transition into the next season. Stay well, stay happy!

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