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Millennial Women Progress Amidst Disturbing Health Trends

Millennial Women's Mixed Bag: Progress Amidst Disturbing Health Trends

Millennial queens, born between ’89 to ’99, are crushing it! Nearly 44% rocked college, way more than Gen X. Closing the pay gap, they’re snagging 89.7 cents to the guys’ dollar, beating Gen X’s 82.4. And guess what? Fewer lockups for these ladies. These Millennials are leveling up in education, pay, and freedom!

Disturbing Health Trends

However, amidst these gains, troubling health trends are emerging. Suicide rates among Millennial women aged 25 to 34 have nearly doubled compared to Gen X, with a notable increase among women of color. Native American and Alaska Native young women face particularly high rates. Homicide rates, reversing a previous improvement trend, are rising, especially for young Black women. The maternal mortality rate has surged, reaching 30.4 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2019-2021.

Intersectionality and Disproportionality

Sara Srygley, a research analyst with the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), emphasizes the importance of considering intersectionality in understanding these trends. While White women’s suicide deaths declined from 2018-2021, rates for Black, Indigenous, and Hispanic women rose. Recognizing these disparities is crucial for informed decision-making.

Root Causes: Impact of Reproductive Health Policies

Srygley points to common threads contributing to these alarming statistics. Pregnant and recently pregnant individuals face higher risks of homicide, suicide, and maternal mortality. With homicide now the leading cause of death for this demographic, the rollback of reproductive health care protections, including abortion access, could exacerbate these risks. Acknowledging and addressing these issues is paramount for the well-being of young Millennial women.


Cheers to Millennial women crushing it in school and work! But hold up—health hits are rising. Let’s dive deep, break barriers, and fix the real issues. Reproductive health matters, and we’re steering toward a stronger, fairer future!

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