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Meta Boosts Office Perks to Entice Staff back

Meta increases perks for employees

Meta, in its pursuit of cost-cutting and operational efficiency, had initially scaled back on employee perks in what CEO Mark Zuckerberg dubbed the “year of efficiency” for 2023. However, the tech giant has now made a strategic shift by reinstating several of these benefits to boost staff morale and incentivize a return to the office, as reported by Bloomberg.

The Past

During the period of austerity, Meta had reduced or modified various perks, including company merchandise, happy hours, and snack bars, which had previously been enjoyed by its workforce. This decision had been met with mixed reactions and discontent among employees, particularly in light of layoffs and disputes over Meta’s return-to-office policies.

The Present

In an effort to reinvigorate its workforce and create a more inviting office environment, Meta has reintroduced these perks. The revived benefits encompass branded t-shirts, happy hours, laundry services, free haircuts, and other amenities that were curtailed during the cost-cutting period. While many perks were scaled back rather than completely eliminated, employees had noticed a decline in certain office amenities, such as the availability of popular beverages like La Croix.

A spokesperson from Meta clarified that while the company is reinstating some perks, others had merely been adjusted in response to the pandemic and budget considerations. This strategic move is part of Meta’s broader campaign to encourage its employees to return to office spaces, foster collaboration, and revitalize the workplace atmosphere.

The Future

Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s previous support for remote work and his prediction that up to half of Meta’s workforce could be remote by 2030, the company has taken a more rigid stance on returning to office work. In the previous month, Meta announced a policy mandating employees to work in the office for at least three days a week, accompanied by warnings of potential job loss for those who consistently resist compliance with this directive.

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