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Meet Your New Health Sidekick: Withings ScanWatch 2


Ditch the usual tech names – Withings is here to shake up health-focused smartwatches! Apple Watch? Nah. Samsung Galaxy Watch? Nope. Meet ScanWatch 2, the fresh star. And guess what? There’s a budget-friendly buddy, ScanWatch Light, too. Brace yourselves – these watches are about to blow your mind!

Next-Gen Health Heroes: ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light

Get ready for ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light – the health champs you’ve been waiting for! ScanWatch 2 brings physical hands, a sleek OLED screen, and upgraded sensors. Choose from 38mm or 42mm sizes. Meanwhile, ScanWatch Light rocks a 37mm case, and OLED screen, and packs serious health-tracking power. Both are water-resistant, work with iOS/Android, and last 30 days on a charge. Exciting, right?

Revolutionary Temperature Tracking

Here’s the wow factor: body temperature tracking! Withings teamed up with Swiss tech wizards to introduce the TempTech24/7 sensor. This nifty tech keeps tabs on your body temperature all day and night. It’s not just about skin temperature – this is a game-changer, and it’s on your wrist!

More Health Upgrades

Hold up, there’s more! Withings overhauled the optical sensor and added a high dynamic range accelerometer. This means smarter activity recognition and precision. They even stepped up the screen game. But that’s not all – the HealthSense software brings the heat. It’s got improved heart rate monitoring, heart rate variability measurement, and even enhanced electrocardiogram (ECG) capabilities. And guess what? There’s a cool cycle-tracking feature too!

The Light Side of Things

Don’t forget about ScanWatch Light. It’s the affordable sibling but still packs a punch. You’ll miss out on some sensors like advanced temperature and blood oxygen monitoring, but it’s all about activity and sleep tracking.

FDA-Approved Goodness

Worried about accuracy? Withings has your back. The ScanWatch 2 is FDA-approved for detecting atrial fibrillation (a heart condition) through ECG recording. While the ScanWatch Light doesn’t have all the FDA nods just yet, it’s on its way!

Affordable Awesomeness

Want to snag these health heroes? ScanWatch 2 comes in at $350, while ScanWatch Light is a steal at $250. Both will hit the scene in October. Get ready to rock your health game with Withings – your wrist’s new best friend!

Final Note

Get ready to level up, GenZ! These watches are your health’s new besties, set to transform how you conquer your wellness journey. Stay hyped for the game-changing revolution – it’s time to own your health like never before!

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