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LiquidPiston’s X-Engine: 10x More Power, 30% Efficiency Over Tesla & Co.

Liquidpiston New Engine

Revolutionizing combustion engines, LiquidPiston’s X-Engine and patented thermodynamic cycle are rewriting the rules of power and efficiency. With the promise of tenfold more power and 30% greater fuel efficiency, investors and government agencies are captivated by this cutting-edge startup’s game-changing innovation.

A Reimagining of Combustion Technology

LiquidPiston’s X-Engine marks a significant departure from the status quo, aiming to address the inefficiencies of small gasoline engines and the cumbersome nature of diesel engines. Driven by their mission to revolutionize engine technology, the founders introduced the X-Engine platform, capable of running on various fuels, including hydrogen, paving the way for cleaner and more versatile power sources.

X-Engine's Impressive Capabilities

The X-Engine, at its core, incorporates the company’s patented thermodynamic cycle, which has given rise to the XTS-210 engine. What sets this innovation apart is its compact size, boasting an 80% reduction compared to conventional diesel engines, while delivering an impressive 25 horsepower output. Additionally, the X-Engine is designed to be exceptionally lightweight, virtually vibration-free, and remarkably efficient.

Unmatched Potential and Recognition

LiquidPiston’s tech breakthrough gains attention with $30M in government contracts. Diverse applications in drones, generators, and urban air mobility make waves. The engines offer solutions for the lithium shortage in hybrid cars by reducing battery sizes, while air taxis embrace the potential of their lightweight powerhouses.

High-Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC™)

In tandem with the X-Engine, LiquidPiston has developed the High-Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC™), a patent-pending thermodynamic cycle. This cycle has the potential to enhance fuel efficiency by up to 30%, surpassing the performance of traditional Otto or Diesel cycles. By addressing long-standing challenges in sealing, cooling, lubrication, and emissions, LiquidPiston’s engines represent a major leap forward in combustion technology.

A Strong Commercial and Military Presence

The company’s XTS-210 engine, developed under a $9 million contract from the Army, positions LiquidPiston as an ideal candidate for demanding military and commercial applications. The recent launch of the XTS-210 engine has further solidified their position in the commercial market, drawing the attention of investors keen to be part of this transformative venture.


LiquidPiston’s X-Engine signals the dawn of a game-changing engine era, boasting unmatched power-to-weight ratios and fuel efficiency. From military to urban air mobility, their innovation’s impact is profound. Investors, seize the moment to join this groundbreaking journey and witness a future where LiquidPiston reshapes the combustion engine landscape with brilliance.

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